February 04, 2014

A Day in Dufan

Randomly went to Dufan for photoshoot couple days ago.
I can't remember when exactly the last time I went there. I remember it was in high school, but I'm not so sure.. Anyway, if you're not familiar with this place, I'd tell ya. Dufan (read: Do Fun) is Jakarta's very own theme park that is also known as Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World). It is part of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dreamland) which is "currently the largest integrated tourism area in South East Asia", said Wikipedia right here.
Dufan's Address : Jl Lodan Timur No. 7, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta 14431, Indonesia
Turangga Rangga - the beautiful carousel in Dufan
 Well, it's Year of the Horse anyway, might as well ride it and have fun!
I went there on weekend, so the entrance fee was IDR 250,000 (on weekdays, it will cost you IDR 180,000 per person). Apparently, they're having this Chinese New Year promotion, so with IDR 250,000, I can apply for Dufan Annual Pass (worth IDR 1,000,000), which enables me to visit Dufan everyday for FREE for the whole year!! The application for the annual pass was very simple too: you just have to buy the entrance ticket first, enter the park, go to the building on the left side, fill in an application form, they'll take your picture, scan both of your thumb's fingerprints, 5 seconds wait and done, there's your card! :D
Anyway, aside from this entrance fee, you also have to pay a certain amount on the very first gate (Taman Impian Jaya Ancol gateway) before you enter the whole area. Here's the complete pricelist.
 All ready to be launched to the sky by Hysteria!
 It was unexpectedly "AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH!!!!!!!!" but only when we were thrown upwards, the drops were pretty lame. Wish they could drop us like there were no brakes attached; pure gravity. XD
Bianglala - kincir raksasa a.k.a. ferris wheel. The gate was all Chinese-y!
First thing first: Iced Milo to quench my thirst (and to honor my undying love for Milo, of course).
 Burger for lunch, anyone?
 Burger nya gak habis-habis soalnya buat properti foto.
Dufan - Dunia Fantasi Review
Changed clothes into this!
Smiley Hippie Fringe Top (upcoming collection), Boba Shorts Blue, Denim Woven Shoes : all GOWIGASA :D
By the way, I didn't get to try this Ice Age thing.
It must be my lucky day because the queues were unbelievably short or even non-existent like this!! On weekend!!!!!!!!! I remember when I had to wait for 2 hours for fancy rides like Halilintar or Niagara in Dufan. But oh well, I was on a date (almost) every time I went to Dufan, so long queues were no biggie lol.
 Unglam snap with messy plastic bag
 Hoodie's from my Instagram sponsor. Will post this very soon on IG!
Poci Poci - or mostly known as tea cup ride!
There were also NO one riding this attraction with us; which I love. Felt like having the whole park to ourselves lol. By the way, this Poci Poci ride was shockingly FAST.
 Met these weird fellas all over Dufan. I think they're some kind of fruit or something. Nevertheless, they got vandalized lolol. Hang in there, buah aneh!

On a side note, that day was my seventh day wearing Rexona Women Whitening Roll On and boy, it did what it promised: My underarms DO get lighter in appearance! Such a confidence booster to wear sleeveless clothes. The other benefits I told you earlier on this post also complemented my day -- it was hot and humid (as expected from doing outdoor activities in Jakarta Indonesia) and my armpits were kept dry and fresh. Not to mention they smelt so good. XD 

Ah... There goes my one day adventure in Dufan. Since I have the annual pass now *ahem*, I don't have to force myself to ride all the attractions in one day. I'll just return again, again and again! It's still so much fun as it was before anyway. Always have great memories every time I go there. ;D

Okay then, thank you for reading and see you guys on my next post!

Jessica Yamada


  1. The polka dot shorts are sooooo cute <3 <3!!!!

    - Emi

  2. Seneng deh liat ci Jess ketawa, jarang-jarang kan foto begini huehehehe ;D

  3. Oh I miss dufan .. >.< N very cute n awsum shoots!!!!


  4. aaaahh such gorgeousness! you can instantly make a photobook out of these pics, I think I might be the first to buy it lol :p glad u had fun, girl!

  5. how cute you are, visited there long time ago. Kinda miss that place..

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  6. so fun! and you're so pretty! like really really pretty! xx


  7. you look so prettyyy! and oh my i havent gone to Dufan for ages either..

    Letters To Juliet

  8. you are so pretty

  9. seems to be fun!! plus you dont have to queue very long like usual ;;)
    what a cute looks and lovely photos :D

    cheer, michelle

  10. your carousel pics look super dreamy! (: and i love both your outfits, super cute!


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  12. damn you're super hottttt

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