January 30, 2012


Hi! Introducing my over 10 years bff @SiskaYap :D
Sorry in advance for the not-so-good quality pictures because they were all taken with camera phones ^^;
honey & me
I'm wearing White Musk Top from GOWIGASA, by the way :D
We spent last Saturday night together at this unique beachfront restaurant:
Look at all those woods! The creative interior design consists of a hanging boat, rope bridges (yes, those swinging ones!), treehouses, cute orange liferings, and so many other playful-nautical things that really makes us feel like we're inside a ship - which is awesome, because right outside this restaurant, there is a direct access to a beautiful, white sand beach.

Okay, after musing about the place for awhile, we gals had our girltalk dinner and of course; Camwhore Attack: BEGIN!
Since the owner is our friend, he let us make our own drinks during the camwhoring session yayyy!
Honey and her successfully made Long Island Iced Tea 
My turn!
Ok, to explain how fun and silly it was, here's a 2 mins video we made out of it -->

Had a really fun night! XD
Special thanks to Mr. Kalaha. Success for this splendid restaurant of yours! :D

The Wharf Restaurant at Ancol Beach City Mall: Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, LG #10, Jakarta. Tel: +6221 6451109

© Jessica Yamada 2012

January 28, 2012

Convivium Cafe Deli

I've heard about this homey-looking restaurant located in the Panglima Polim area of South Jakarta for so long, and it was wonderful that I finally had a chance to go.

The first thing I noticed as I stepped in was the warm atmosphere and how cute the decor was (always love it when people pay attention to detail). If the sun was still up, I'd probably take more pictures!

Oh well, with or without sun, I'm still a narcissistic little girl.

Wearing my new soft-lenses from GOWI LENS: WMM-305. Love love love it.

// THE FOOD //

Tasting the famous Red Velvet and well, I'm not a big fan of cake but I gotta say it is worth to try!
(taken on a different day and at a different place)

GOWIGASA red skirt, envelope bag and belt. MUJI socks. The rest are unbranded.

January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, GOWIGASA!

We are very happy to shout out that OUR LOVELY ONLINE BOUTIQUE GOWIGASA IS TWO YEARS OLD NOW~yayyy!! Still a baby age, yes, but we have learned a lot and we are going to learn a whole lot more for sure :D

Anyway, what is a birthday without presents, goodies and all things nice? So, to celebrate this special day, we have arranged a Giveaway that has been going on for a month and was closed yesterday. Long story short, this Giveaway is valid for all of our customers, all they have to do was to post a picture of themselves wearing our product while holding a sign saying I Love GOWIGASA and write down a review about their shopping experience with us on the photo caption. Details written here.

We are very pleased that there were so many enthusiastic customers who participated! Lookie here:
MAD LOVE~~(≧∇≦)!!!
Looking at all the lovely pictures they took and reading all the reviews make us feel very special and appreciated that all the tiring days and sleepless nights are forgotten (˘̩̩⌣˘̩̩ƪ)

And here comes the hardest part: Randomly* choosing ten (10) lucky winners to WIN Goodie Bags with a total value of IDR 3,000,000.- (USD 375)! Aaaaarrggghhh!!!!! Ok here we go, so the winners of seven (7) Goodie Bags worth more than IDR 270,000.- each areee... *drum roll*
Karina 'nces' Dinda Rachmawati
Birgitta Femilia
Nuraeni Mulya Tantri
Joscelyn Kim
Diana Ross
Cindy Horvejkul
Prescilla Irina

AND....... The winners of three (3) Grand Prize Goodie Bags worth more than IDR 500,000.- each areeeee... *HYPER DRUM ROLL*
Helen Cahya

Evelyne Eve
Levina Djajadi
*drawing straws method


Prizes will be sent directly to all winners within a week from today ;D
Thanks a lot to everyone who participated- well, actually, we can never say thank you enough for your love and support the whole time ~>_<~ But at the very least, we wanna say THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you; our beloved customers~!! *HUGS*

Ah, by the way, for all those who celebrate Chinese New Year today, Happy Dragon Year~ :D! We wish you a great and prosperous one!

Much, much Love and Thanks :)
Jess & Elle
© Jessica & Elissa Yamada 2012

January 22, 2012

I Have an Outfit Post Too

As some of you might already know, Elle has LOTS of outfit posts; right here on this blog, right there on her Lookbook, literally: everywhere.

Guess what? I also have one now!! Hahaha, here here:
(X)S.M.L Sheer Shirt, GOWIGASA Belt, Topshop Dress and June+Julia Lola Boots
Lol Elle was very excited when I took the camera with me as we're going out, she said, "Are you FINALLY gonna make an outfit post??" and there she was:
..Happily taking pictures of me (and us, in this pic) XD
text n drink
A behind the scene pic to say 'Seeya!' ;)

© Jessica Yamada 2012

January 09, 2012

Strawberry Cheesecake

I'm going to do a very quick outfit post as I REALLY have to reach Kemang by 12pm!

Peter Pan Collared Top, Red Skirt and Bag from GOWIGASA


Forever21 Sheer Top and Necklace from Bangkok.

// Inspiration //

Image source: Google Images

Good morning and don't forget to make the most out of today! :)

January 04, 2012


Wow it's been a looooong time since my last post! Feel pretty awkward typing this right now.
Ok let's begin with: HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! Can you believe it? It's actually 2012!
Have you made your resolutions yet? I know I haven't, and I won't. It's hard for me to stay committed to long term goals, so I usually just let it flow! :D *cheers to those who nod along*
But for those of you who already have a list of New Year's Resolutions and want to fulfill them successfully, you might want to take a look at this post for some useful tips.

Anyway, we are going to upload GOWIGASA's New Arrivals tomorrow, and here's a tiny sneak peek for it!

Find out which items in this picture that are going to be in store tomorrow! :D

Instantly become a bulky bag with the jacket in it.

One word: L♥VE!!!

 Don't you think the person who invented Eyeliner is a pure genius?
Speaking of it, I always prefer liquid to pencil because it lasts longer, and my favorites are from Make Up For Ever and MAC.


A little addition:
If you haven't read our latest post, GOWIGASA (our online shop) is having its very first GIVEAWAY for 10 lucky winners with a total prize of IDR 3.000.000!! :D
For more information, click here.

Hope you can join and help us spread the love! Xo.