October 15, 2013

1N1D with Vodka the Frenchie

Introducing Vodka the French Bulldog to our blog! (lol it rhymes)
She's so cute, isn't she? Now, she ain't ours alrite, she belongs to Elle's bff Jane. But mommy Jane kindly gave us permission to kidnap this cutie pig pie for 1N1D lolll.

So, here are some photos of Vodka a.k.a Vodvod (even her nickname sounds fatty omgomg how could you Janeeeeee) upon her arrival:
"Who that?" asked Vodvod, observing Nicky curiously.
Elle picked her up at 01 AM* after her meet-up with Jane and when she arrived home, Jess was ultra shocked cause the story she heard about Jane's dog making snore sounds all the time was 100% TRUE!! Like; walking *snores*, sniffing *snores*, running *snores*, and so on. Googled about that and got an instant confirmation here: "French Bulldog sounds. Because of their short face, most French Bulldogs snort, snuffle, wheeze, grunt, and snore loudly. The sounds are endearing to some people; nerve-wracking to others." -- well, it was definitely endearing to all of us who met her! ♡♡♡
*hence the title (1N1D instead of 1D1N)

Okay, gotta be honest that Frenchies might not be the prettiest, but some would surely agree that they ARE the FUNNIEST. Aside from their physical appearance that resembles a mixed breed of a cow, a rabbit, a dog and of course, a PIG, they make goofy poses like these:

 Good night! *grokkkkk*

The next morning:
Awe, you still sleepy? *grok grok*

Well, fasten your seatbelt, Vodka, cause we're going to take you to our outfit photoshoot (yep, as a model, too)! XD
On Elle: UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Color Jeans | Plaid Shirt belongs to our brother ;)
GOWIGASA Dual Pocket Sleeveless Button Up in white, Rayray Sunglasses, NY Cap Blue, Denim Everyday Shoes (coming soon on our website)

On Jess: Shoes from Japan

So intoxicated by her cuteness, each of us decided to make a video with her too! 

Jess: http://instagram.com/p/fE6Sa_qxua/

Finally, it was time to return her home. :'(
Thank you, Jane, for letting your baby stay over at our place! See you soon, Vodvod! *kisssssssssssssssses*

[Bonus] Latest news from Vodka: She just got her first period!! XD

X O X O,
Vodka, Elle and Jess

October 08, 2013

MIZZU Eyeliner Pen Review + GIVEAWAY!

Growing up, I think the most important make up tool for me was none other than Eyeliner. I remember borrowing my mom's pencil liner and using it every day after school, admiring how lovely it made my eyes look: bigger, rounder and livelier. I would happily apply it on my eyes, no matter how smudgy* it was.
*Pencil liners tend to smudge easier than liquid ones.

That being said, I tried using liquid liners too, but believe me, those brushes are no beginner-proof. At first trials, you may end up brushing it too thick / too much / too messy and because most liquid liners are kinda tricky to remove, once it goes wrong, you must remove it and start all over again until you get the perfect lines you want.

Along came MIZZU Eyeliner Pen~~~
I WISH it came out earlier, so I wouldn't have to deal with all those eyeliner miseries up there. Oh well, better late than never. At least NOW I get to abuse it. ^^v

See the pen tip up there? It makes applying liquid liner much easier than using the usual brush because it's steady, yet the ink glides easily when applied. It's like drawing with a spidol instead of a watercolor brush. Beginner-proof: check!

The pigmentation is pretty good, not 100% jet black at first application, but it's buildable. The only problem is, if you have done applying it and it's already dry, you don't wanna reapply the liner on top of it because it would wipe the previous layer. So my tip is: apply a single thin line on your eyelid, and if you think it's not enough, quickly reapply and reapply until you get the look that you want, then let dry.

Two days ago, I wore it alone (no mascara, eyeshadow, etc) on my eyes to really see its staying power. It was a very hot and humid day and I was too lazy (or stingy) to turn on the AC but surprisingly, MIZZU stayed on for the entire day! No smudging, flaking, etc, except on the inner corners of my eyes, where it often gets teary.

Despite all that, it is very easy to remove (it takes me only a few drops of eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and I don't even have to rub. I'd just wipe gently and it'll take off completely), so your eyes won't feel the torture of cleansing afterwards lol. I find this a super plus point, because the skin around your eyes are the most fragile, therefore excessive rubbing and pulling can easily cause eye bags and wrinkles.

The market price is IDR 25,000 - 50,000 (USD 2.5-5) for a piece (2ml). Totally affordable for such useful tool, right? I can hear eyeliner newbies cheering out there lol.

One more thing, MIZZU is 100% Made in Indonesia. Yep, you can check out its BPOM number here. Isn't it nice that our local products keep improving their quality, yet they still make em affordable to us? ^^

Product details:

FYI, MIZZU is currently having a Photo Contest with delicious prizes such as Samsung S4 and MAP Vouchers worth million Rupiahs. You can click here to join the buzz!

MIZZU's Facebook | MIZZU's Twitter | MIZZU's Line: mizzucosmetics

Done with the review, it's play time!
I created three looks using MIZZU Eyeliner Pen for this post. Here goes!

// MIZZ Schweet //
I applied very thin lines on my upper lids to achieve that innocent-sweet-girly look. Pulled the lines a bit longer and downward to make my eyes look droopily larger.
Pastel Striped Sweater: GOWIGASA

// MIZZ Chic //
For this look, I simply recreated the MIZZ Schweet look and added tiny triangles at the outer corner of my eyes. This is an easy-peasy way to add a stylish and playful look for your eyes.
Cross Sequin Asymmetrical Long Shirt & OBEY Blue Snapback: GOWIGASA

// MIZZ Smokin //
For this sharp and sexy look, I lined both my upper and lower lash lines. The point of this look is the lower lash line: you want to leave the inner corner of the eyes unlined for a slightly softer look, and make sure that the lower lash line connects with the outer corner of the upper lash line.
Leopard Studded Washed Denim Jacket: GOWIGASA


So, which one of the above looks is your favorite? Tell me in the comment box below which and why do you like it and WIN A set of MIZZU Cosmetics Products (MIZZU Perfect Wear Eyeliner Pen + MIZZU Power Volume Mascara Waterproof)! ;D
Three (3) lucky winners will be picked randomly by the end of the month and each will be given the prizes above!
The prize will be delivered to each winners' address of choice (MIZZU Cosmetics will take care of the shipping charge)

You got that right, girls. Just comment and WIN! ;D

Thank you for reading and see you on my next post~

Jessica Yamada

October 05, 2013

Airport Outfit feat. UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Jeans

Traveling long hours might not what you have in mind when you're going somewhere far away. You might have packed what you need when you reach your destination, be it bikinis, winter coats, stilettos, and so on. But have you seriously considered your airport looks? In order to survive a long flight, we think you should. :)

// Points to Remember //
1. You want to feel comfortable because you're going to spend hours sitting / sleeping / trying to get along with your seat there. Therefore, comfort should come first.
2. You want to look stylish all the while being comfortable. Now why should I be stylish, you ask. "It's just for the airport. I'll BE stylish when I reach my destination". Nuh uh, you WANT to look good (or decent, at least) ALL the time, because boy, you never know who you might bump into. Could be an enemy or a prospective lover. Who knows?
2a. A derivative from point 2: it doesn't hurt to bring or put on some SOS items, such as hats, sunglasses or hair ties. This will save you from unwanted situations like puffy eyes from lack of sleep or messy-limp hair from too much sleep lol.

So what kind of outfit that combines both elements into one? Enter UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Jeans.
Quoted from UNIQLO's web about these stretchy pairs: "Leg-defining for the cleanest and skinniest silhouette - hugs snugly from thigh to ankle. You’ll always have ease of movement and the most perfect fit."

Sounds too good to be true for a pair of denim? Well, we're here to find out for the Airport Outfit Challenge -which requires both comfort and stylish look!
On Elle:  ZARA Cropped Brown Sweater & Brown Beanie | Jeffrey Campbell Everly Beige Cutout Boots | New Look Necklace
UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Color Jeans in Olive (Dark Green)

UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Color Jeans in Khaki (Brown)

So, does it live up to its claim? Yes. Does it meet the requirements for the Airport Outfit Challenge? Gotta say YES!! It's been a long time since we treat ourselves to an awesome pair of jeans that brings comfort yet looks pretty as well. We mean, look at those colors! Perfect shade of olive green and khaki? Boy, do they know how we love earth colors... and considering how hard it is to find these colors on jeans (with great material as well), it must be our lucky day. The comfort level is amazing, too. The material is pretty thick, yet SOFT and elastic. Hate to pick up quotes, but it DOES 'hugs snugly from thigh to ankle' lolCan't wait to put them on for our next flights and pair em with other outfits as well! :D

Now, do you know that UNIQLO is currently having this exciting event called "USJ Fit Model"? You get to have fun trying on a pair of Ultra Stretch Jeans of your choice (there are many color choices and various sizes), posing with it and get your pictures taken by a professional photographer on site, get your best pic printed for free AND (as if it's not enough) get the chance to WIN FREE USJ worth of IDR 499,000 or UNIQLO Shopping Vouchers! FYI, Jess won the IDR 50,000 voucher and Elle won the Free USJ!! It was a happy day for all of us. Check out our pics on UNIQLO's Facebook (yes, it's shared on their Fb as well. Dream of being a UNIQLO model? Check!)

This FREE event lasts from 26 Sept - 06 October 2013 and is located at Lotte Shopping Avenue (Kuningan, Jakarta). So hurry up and join the fun! :D :D 

X O X O,
Elle and Jess