December 25, 2015

Green Christmas at Gardens By The Bay Singapore

Hey guys, first of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D

So, on our recent getaway to Singapore, we stopped by Gardens By The Bay and spotted this lovely Christmas tree! It's a giant xmas tree decorated with white snowflakes and white reindeers flying around it, lining up to the top of the tree. Love how simple yet beautiful it is!

Also love how it somehow matches Jess' outfit. ^^

Topshop Lace Green Dress | Love, Bonito Black Strappy Heels | GOWIGASA bag and necklace

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 Elle went all black for the day, wearing flowy top from Twenty3, black culottes from Lookboutiquestore, Bershka hat and shoes, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag :)

By Invite Only wishbone necklace.

Okay then, that's all for today, thanks a lot for reading and see you guys on our next post!
Have a lovely Christmas, everyone! (ˆˆ)づ♡

December 24, 2015

Joe's Birthday Dinner at Pince & Pints, Singapore

So, our lil bro just turned 23 last week, but due to work and all, we couldn't celebrate it properly (we did surprise him on the 00:00 tho)! Luckily, we had this job last weekend in Singapore that required his involvement! Thus, we decided to take him to this lobster restaurant that we've been eyeing since last year... Pince and Pints!

The Lobster Roll (their best seller) — $58++
This one is very similar with Burger & Lobster's Lobster Roll in London (a Michellin-starred restaurant!), the taste was just as wonderful and rich, if not better. And the bread was delicious as well!
The Truffle Roll  $68++
(Just like The Lobster Roll but with the addition of Truffle Butter Sauce and Truffle Caviar) 
Chilli Lobster (accompanied by Fried Mantou)  $58++
The portion of this one is really HUGE! Maybe because of the rich, generous soup. 
Nevertheless, it's very delicious! The chili soup tastes sweet rather than spicy. The meat is fresh, juicy and easily peeled off from the shell. Heck, it's very delicious that even Jess finally decided to suckle the rest of the dish with her hands! X"D
 **rare occasion**
Joe with his Truffle Roll.

Glad that he loved it so much! He said it was definitely one of the best food he ever tasted hahah, but seriously though, their lobster was SO GEWDDD!!! And they use 1 whole lobster for each dish, so it's totally worth your money. We highly recommend it, especially if you love lobsters! ♥

Happy birthday once again, you lil monkey! No matter how old you are, how crazy you can be, you will always be our baby bro, and we will always have your back! x

Pince & Pints
Address: 32-33 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089496
Phone: +65 6225 7558
Opening Hours: 5:00 - 11:00 PM


December 05, 2015

Statement Ring and Dainty Necklace

I don't always wear rings, but when I do, I prefer statement pieces, and from there on, I added a dainty necklace and subtle-toned outfit to make the ring pop out more.
Love how this necklace brought a touch of elegance to my rather casual outfit.
This blue Agate ring is even more gorgeous in real life with its natural grains and lines. I kept looking at it when I wore it, lol!
H&M White Shirt | ZARA Ripped Jeans | Bershka Shoes | ByInviteOnly Ring and Necklace | Topshop Hat | ASOS Belt

Aight, happy Saturday, guys! I'm thinking of watching 'In the Heart of the Sea' tonight :)
I already watched 'Legend' yesterday, and Tom Hardy was mesmerizing with his act as twins! I think it might land him an Oscar nomination. You should check it out!


December 03, 2015

Cloudy Jakarta

Dressed according to today's cloudy weather! Lightweight top from GOWIGASA, lightweight shorts from Lzzie, also added a lightweight cardigan from Pull&Bear because I went to the Mall this evening and I get cold easily. :/
Knitted beanie just to make my outfit not too plain heheh..

Hopefully this cloudy, humid weather will go away soon!


December 01, 2015

Elle & Jess Do The Pocky Sharehappi Dance for Pocky Day!

Hello everyone!
If you were wondering what our last Japan trip was all about, the answer is in this post: Yep, we were invited by Glico to get to know their brand better, especially POCKY!

We're pretty sure you're familiar with Pocky since it's basically everywhere since we were kids, but in case you don't, it's a delicious Japanese biscuit brand that has a wide range of flavours, from chocolate to green tea to grape! (Please bring more flavours to Indonesia xD)

And one of the things that we found out during our trip was...
POCKY has its own day!!
November 11th

Why November 11th? Because 11-11 looks like four Pocky sticks standing in a line! ^^

What surprised us more was that SO many people celebrate it! It shows just how loved the brand is in Japan. To give you a glimpse of the celebration, we visited this prestigious university in Shinjuku called Waseda University. They decorated the convenience store inside the building to look like this:

Greeted by this big display full of Pocky at the entrance:

Actually Pocky has to share this day with his brother too, PRETZ, which is more to savoury flavour rather than sweet.

In addition to the vibrant decoration, they also lowered down the price so more people can celebrate Pocky Day and share the happiness!
♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

Jeng jeng! They even prepared a simple PHOTO BOOTH in front of the store along with some props, like wigs, sunglasses, and... Pocky balloons!!

The Glico team told us that other universities which have convenience stores also celebrated Pocky Day just like Waseda, because so many students would buy Pocky on that day, hence more profit for the stores! ^^

Besides universities, big supermarkets (like Carrefour in Indonesia) also joined the hype by having a special corner for Pocky:
(Sorry for the photo quality! It's from our Snapchat ^^)

Ok finally! The peak of the celebration!
Oh wait, maybe we should introduce these guys first:
Pocky has always been collaborating with popular celebrities and this time is this trio from the famous Japanese supergroup, EXILE TRIBE: Naoki Kobayashi, Takanori Iwata and Hiroomi Tosaka.

Not only they modeled for Pocky, they also created this super catchy song and dance:
↑ Love how the audience dance enthusiastically along with them! 

And, aaand, for the peak celebration of Pocky Day, Glico held a

We just have to copy the dance or modify it in our own creative ways and then submit it to Glico website.

Here's a screenshot of some of the contestants! More than 1,000 joined omg!!

If we haven't mentioned it before, Japanese people LOVE to celebratefrom Halloween to traditional festivals! And that's one of the things we love about them! It is commonly said that you will always find a festival somewhere in Japan.

So, in order to show our love for Japan and Pocky, we decided to make a video compilation of our (awkward) Pocky/Sharehappi dance at various places in Tokyo and Osaka that we visited:

Haha please don't judge us.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of information on Pocky, Japanese culture, and our latest trip to Japan :)
See you guys on our next post!