June 24, 2014

Elle's Loose Curls with a Hair Straightener Tutorial

It's been highly requested, and it's finally here...

My "Loose Curls Hair Tutorial"! :D

So, without any further ado, please watch the video below for the step-by-step guide and some tips:

 The final result:

This is how I usually do my hair. If you find my wavy hair that you saw on my Instagram or anywhere else interesting, you might want to watch the video above to learn how to do it yourself! :)
I find this method to be the easiest and most convenient way to achieve that kind of curls. And quickest too (takes me about 10-15mins to get the final result)!

Anyway, I'm sorry I forgot to mention on the video that you have to make sure your hair is DRY before you curl it.

☻ I learned this technique from YouTube too!
☻ My natural hair state is straight (as you can see in the video), so this wavy hair REALLY helps to add volume to my otherwise flat hair. Love it!
☻ I actually made this video 2 months ago and planned to publish it on my birthday, but unfortunately the video quality degraded somehow after my brother edited it using Adobe After Effects. We couldn't find the problem and I was very upset, I thought it couldn't be saved and I had to record a new video (T_T). Finally, last week, I went to my best friend's house (Rudy), and I brought up this issue. He said, "It's hard to explain right now, just bring the files tomorrow and let me find out the problem."
So, the next day, I gave the files to him and 10mins later..... the problem was SOLVED!! He said it had something to do with the Codec lol. I was sooooo relieved and happy, if you're reading this, thank you Femaooo!!! 

And girlsss, thank you so much for your patience, I hope you enjoy my very first hair tutorial and can learn something from it. :)

If you have any requests or questions, please comment down below, or on the video! xx

Elissa Yamada

June 20, 2014

5 Dresses 5 Styles – plus Giveaway!

“Let's get dressed!”

I'm so happy that we launched a lot of dresses on GOWIGASA's latest collection! It's been pretty long since we last roamed the Dress department lol. To share my excitement, I created these five looks and *as the title says* am having a GIVEAWAYYY!! Scroll to join in, girls! 

Look #o1  Book Shopping

It's midday and I decided to treat myself a good lunch... AND a few good books.”

What I Wore: GOWIGASA French Bow Polkadot Midi Dress | Charles n Keith Bag | Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Look #o2  Romantic Dinner

“Dress up sweet, soft and ladylike, for there will be a lovely dinner tonight.

What I Wore: GOWIGASA Lacey Ribbon Line Dress, Luna Bag | Sponsored Bracelet and Shoes | Suede Hairbow was found on a street in Japan ^^;;;

Look #o3  Friendly Lunchdate

“Fun fun fun! There is always something fun in the ladies brunch!

What I Wore: GOWIGASA Layered Gingham Classy Dress, Necklace | Boots from Japan

Look #o4  Garden Party

“Outdoor party on a sunny day calls for equally bright and playful colors.

What I Wore: GOWIGASA Mint Rose Embossed Mini Dress | Aldo Braceletes | Forever21 Bag | Sponsored Shoes | Hat from Japan

Look #o5  Sporty Twist

“Going out with my brother. Adding a tiny touch of tomboy to my outfit, then!

What I Wore: GOWIGASA Cotton Pinafore, Girly Business Bow Chiffon Shirt (available in Black), Meow Snapback | Converse Sneakers

Broh. Thank you for taking all the pictures here! Love you so! 

So, which one of the above looks is your favorite? Tell us in the comment box below which and why do you like it and WIN a GOWIGASA Lucky Bag (filled with delicious bits of apparels and accessories, of course) + 10% GOWIGASA.com Voucher*! ;D

Three (3) lucky winners will be picked randomly and each will walk away with yummy prizes above!

  • The giveaway will close on 20 July 2014 at 23.59 WIB (GMT+7 Jakarta time zone)
  • Winners will be randomly selected and I will announce their names on 21 July 2014
  • Winner announcement will be made on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • This giveaway is open to Indonesian residents only
  • The GOWIGASA Lucky Bag will be delivered to each winners' address of choice (we will take care of the shipping charge)
  • The 10% GOWIGASA.com Voucher will be sent by email after winners have been chosen
  • How To Use Your Voucher: http://bit.ly/gowivoucher
That's right, girls. Just comment and WIN! ;D

Jessica Yamada

June 12, 2014

Brunch Ladies | #HoverFinger No More with VISA

Brunch time sometimes calls for shopping time. And where else we can shop while we're sitting around, eating out with our friends with just a few clicks? Online, of course!

...when writing the sentence up there, we came to realize that we are NOW living in such an advanced future where few decades ago it must not be possible, not even imaginable by most people, we believe, that we could ACTUALLY do that (shopping while eating with just our fingers). Pretty lucky, eh, all of us? ^^v *zen moment*

There's a tad bit arguments going on for shopping online, however, and most of the time, it's about safety: Can I trust this webstore? What if my money get lost? What if the item I ordered get lost? What if I receive a damaged or a wrong item? ...And the paranoia list goes on and on that makes your finger stop clicking that "buy" button and THIS is, fellows, THE #HoverFinger a.k.a. the culprit that keeps causing you to lose that limited or special item you've been looking for ages, causes you to miss that special deal, et cetera. (˘̩̩ᴗ˘̩̩ƪ)

How to deal with #HoverFinger, then? Read this comic! ;)

Lol we had lots of fun making this comic!! XD
More info of #HoverFinger at: http://curehoverfinger.com

Okay now that the shopping time is done, let's do some other serious businesses that we gals do during brunch! Like... 1. chatting and munching these pretty stuffs (and of course, taking pictures of them before we gobble them whole):
Mother Nature Smoothie | Healthy sour-n-sweet drink consists of strawberry and other fruits. Tasted beet root(?) out of this drink, too. ^^b
Ferrero Rocher | scrumptious moussy chocolate dessert with biscuit base and mini choco bar on top

Location: Odysseia Restaurant, Pacific Place SCBD Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53 South Jakarta 12190

2. Taking pretty-faces group selfies...

Stella was having eye redness and stuff so she had to wear those shades the whole time. B)

2a. Bonus group selfie feat. James angry expressions lol

3. Taking another selfies~

4. ...and with even prettier faces this time 
Feat. Moon annoyed expressions lol (and a nonchalant one up there)! 

5. Not forgetting the very important outfit shots: 
On Elle: GOWIGASA Lacey Top & Skirt (upcoming collection)

On Jess: GOWIGASA French Bow Polkadot Midi Dress Red, Forever21 Heels
6. And of course, another last group selfie to seal the day!
Okay then, thank you so much for reading and see you guys on our next post~ (ˆˆ)づ♡


June 10, 2014

For the Love of Loafers

Worn with a dress or a pair of shorts, a comfy, casual pair of loafers makes way for a brighter day!

OOTD no.O1

Location: Locale Diner & Bar | Rukan Garden House, Blok B10/11 Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia Phone: (021) 29033162
Read our review about this place here ^^

OOTD no.O2

So, which one do you prefer: Look no.01 or look no.02? 

Jessica Yamada