March 19, 2012

Sequined Saturday

Yesterday I had my late lunch at Ninety-Nine (Ranch Market) restaurant that just opened few months ago near my place.

A bowl of Mushroom Soup that looks like a cup of cappuccino. Definitely one of the best mushroom soup I've ever tasted!
As usual, Aglio Olio pasta haha.. With extra sauteed mushrooms, yum! Sadly I forgot to ask for extra spicy.
Caesar Salad

Oh, have you watched The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe? I just watched it yesterday and mannn, it was scary as hell (the creepy old toys, haunted attics, and shrieking music, OMG!). Luckily, we continued to watch The Lorax at midnight and it was enough to remove the visual images from Daniel's movie out of my mind. Anyway, talk about scary movies, I still think Skeleton Key and Alone are the scariest ones.

What I Wore:

Both Shirt and Shorts are from Bangkok // Kate Spade bag // JC LANA shoes


Thinking of having a haircut asap and changing my hair color too, hmm.. ;)

March 12, 2012


It's morning and I'm ready for a fun day ahead! :D
I'm wearing Circle Lenses by GOWILENS: XCM-215
Mango Dress, (X)S.M.L Necklace, GOWIGASA Belt, Disney Couture Bracelet, Uniqlo Socks, Forgotten Shoes
Sweet breakfast
It's afternoon and it's about time for the highlight of the day:
Yes, it's The Lion King musical show and it was...FANTASTIC!
I could feel the passion from the beautifully arranged songs, acoustics, costumes, make-ups, props, decors, dances, dialogues, monologues and many more. It is said that the designers were inspired by natural elements of Africa; just where the Pride Land itself is located. And the casts were very talented too! Everything was magical and for me, it's definitely a must-see-again show!
The theater lobby
Sands Theater - Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore. Tel: +65 6688 8868.
Strolling around a little bit after the show
Met Mr. Tall Elvis on the way back
It's night and we're moving on to.....DINNER!
Cosafe Maid Cafe - Chijmes, 30 Victoria Street #01-11, Singapore 187996. Tel: +65 6337 7810.
Yes, the waitresses dress like that in this cafe! xD
It's late at night and it's time for a lil snack.
I'm wearing Circle Lenses by GOWILENS: XCM-215
Tomo Izakaya Restaurant - Clarke Quay 3A, River Valley Road #01-04, SingaporeTel: +65 6333 0100.
botak brotha @JuliusSathya
 and a hint of live music ;)
Okay gonna close this entertainment post with my most entertaining pose:

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