December 28, 2012

It's the most beautiful time of the year.

Although my family and I don't celebrate Christmas per se, I do like to give gifts to my Christian/Catholic friends and cousins, and of course to get in the spirit of it by simply having dinner or watch some movies. Christmas has always been a magical time for me the Christmas lights, the decorations, the songs... I wish I could experience a beautiful white Christmas someday, with the people I love; it would be awesome! :)

December 24 Christmas Eve

I went to Plaza Indonesia to have some late lunch at The Playground before buying movie tickets (The Man with the Iron Fists, not recommended btw). They have fun decorations that resemble kids' playgrounds and what I love the most about them is their Aglio Olio. I always request for it to be extra spicy and extra mushrooms, and they never disappoint me.

Romwe Green Houndstooth Jacket | Forever21 Floral Top | ZARA White Slim Bag | Romwe Reindeer Necklace | Forever21 Boots | Studded Burgundy Shorts from Japan
The Aglio Olio and Iced Lychee Tea.
I was wearing Princess Mimi Bambi (WMM-305) soft lenses from GOWI LENS

December 25 Christmas

Kristine's Collection Brocade Printed Dress | Do-A-Fashion Navy Coat | DKNY Gold Purse | Romwe Reindeer Necklace | Swaychic red velvet platforms

Had a simple dinner at The Ritz-Carlton (Pacific Place) Hotel with Jess, Yansen, and Jess' boyfriend. The food quality and the service are excellent as expected from them. And it's not too crowded, so that's another plus point for me. Anyway, I used to work there as an intern for 3 months hehe...

Btw New Years Eve is around the corner! Do you already have plans? Well Jess and I are going to have dinner with our big family at Mandarin Hotel, but we still haven't decided yet what are we going to do after that (for the countdown), whether partying with friends or playing fireworks with family or maybe just watching some dvds peacefully. Either way, we will surely express our gratitude to God because 2012 has been an amazing year for us! See you next year! :D

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

December 22, 2012

Rainy Mother's Day

Stradivarius Camo Jacket | Romwe Tiger Print Top | ABOCS Orange Studded Shorts | Choies Studded Biker Boots | GOWIGASA Slim Backpack and Sheer Tights

The weather has been awful lately, heavy rain and strong winds... sigh. You can see it from the photos above how dark the sky was when it was only 2pm. I hate rain, it ruins all my plans for the day. Traffic jam everywhere, flooding, and it kinda make me sleepy I don't know why!! The only moment when I love rain is when I am sleeping and curling up under my blanket. Sadly the rainy season in Indonesia won't be over until April. (╥_╥)

Anyway, today is Mother's Day! Have you kissed your mom? Jess and I are planning to surprise our mom with pink roses when she gets home! We've been acting like we don't remember it even though she's been sending all these signals, lol sorry mom! We LOVE you

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

December 21, 2012


Shibuya 109 is a largely popular department store in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. The department store is designed as a combination of stores and boutiques to market towards women in their 20s. In recent years, Shibuya 109 has become popular due to its mass exposure in fashion magazines and on television shows both inside and outside Japan. Virtual Japan

We went there once and there was not much shopping involved as the store was already closed by 9pm (we arrived there at around 7pm, sigh...), but it was satisfying enough just to stroll around the store and drool over those rad and dainty stuff :D
We did buy quite a lot of beauty products though! There was this store called PLAZA, located on the lowest floor which stocks a wide range of beauty products including cosmetics, skincare products, and makeup. We spent most of our time there! hehe...

Anyway, here are some photos that we managed to snap, and some courtesy of other websites. ENJOY!

The last 6 photos courtesy of:

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December 16, 2012


"Dark green is my favorite color. It's the color of nature and the color of money!"
–Leonardo DiCaprio

You've seen my post wearing a red velvet skirt, right? (Click if you haven't!)
Well, say hello to her sister which shares the same beauty and elegance... Green Velvet! Lol.
In case you are wondering, they still have one little sister which you'll get to meet tomorrow at GOWIGASA's new arrival!! ;D

This time I chose to wear the skirt in a less feminine style than the red velvet one. I paired it with my GnR cropped tee from H&M, which you may have seen it in my old post; LOLA boots from JuneandJulia (I feel like I haven't worn them in ages!), and I'm wearing black sheer tights to give the overall look an extra sense of mystery.

For accessories, I just went simple with my usual black hat, a gold chain necklace from forever21, and a studded skull sling bag from GOWIGASA.

Don't forget to stop by our web store tomorrow at 11am as we are uploading so many new stuff! XD

X O X O,

December 15, 2012

Dizzy Little Dotty

Hi, here we go again with the typical outfit post, hehe..
Don't worry, that does not mean Japan's post is over. I just think it will be more interesting if it is interspersed with some outfit posts in Jakarta. :)

Introducing Dizzy Little Dotty, an Australian based label where you can find artistic t-shirts that is a little different to your usual mainstream tees. Actually the pictures printed on the shirts are the owner's very own artworks, awesome eh?

Her name is Lauren Carney, she is a very talented artist who inhabits the city of Brisbane. If you are a fan of fun, playful, and quirky characters, then you should really check out her art HERE and her shop HERE.

Oh, almost forgot! I am also fascinated by the quality of the fabric (so soft!) and... the neckline. In case you were not aware, the neckline is a very important part of a garment. Look out for the ones that can enhance your body shape and flatter your figure.

Some of the types of neckline. Image courtesy of this site.
My all-time favorite is scoop neck that is not too low, just like the type of neckline from Dizzy Little Dotty here. The reason is because it can elongate my neck! >:D

Yeah, I am wearing this mustard high-waisted skater skirt again. Jess and I are so in love with the line and how it "hugs" our waist like they are meant for each other. We decided we are taking one of each color of this skirt! Hehe.. For those who asked, yes this skirt will be included in GOWIGASA's new arrival on Monday, Dec 17! :D
I got this blazer from Forever21 in Japan and I was sooo happy when I found it. I've been looking for this green shade for a long time and this is just perfect! Also this blazer was their last item and happened to be my size! Lucky!!
Fawn Tee from Dizzy Little Dotty. I love you Lauren Carney!
Red Tartan Bag from GOWIGASA (will also join the family on Monday, Dec 17). Anyway the color combinations here kind of remind me of traffic lights -___-
For shoes, I am wearing these Batik print boots from Laceorie to spice up my whole outfit, and I absolutely love the beautiful prints and how easy they are to walk in them. You can see my first pair from Laceorie HERE.

Btw, today is my baby bro's birthday! Happy birthday you busy monkey! Always stay true to yourself and treasure that loving heart of yours. X
My favorite photo of him holding a baby Samoyed.

That being said, I'll see you guys on my next post! :D

X O X O,