October 30, 2012

Aztec Bralette

Amber Avenue aztec bralette | Romwe pink skirt | Gowigasa purse bag | Forever21 gold chain necklace | Michael Kors gold watch
GOWIGASA Alexa purse bag

If you feel like you have seen this bralette somewhere, you've probably seen it from this post.
Yes, I'm wearing my current favorite bralette from Amber Avenue for like the 10th times, because I just love it that much!! And I'm pretty sure you will catch me wearing it again. ♡

Moving on to the bottom half of the outfit, I wanted to throw something that screams "FUN!" to tone down the sexy vibe that comes from the bralette. And I think every girl can agree that there is no color more fun than hot pink! ;D
(Thank you Romwe!)
By the way, Jess and I have made a VIDEO for you guys!! Hopefully we will put it up soon, so stay tuned! :D

October 26, 2012

Before Sunset

GOWIGASA floral pattern top, Bianca skirt, Dylan bag in burgundy | Chicnova mustard cardigan | Laceorie Patrice Black Floral

All these photos were taken before sunset, but I'm typing this literally before sunrise.
I'm so sleepy and tired to the point where I can't think straight right now. But I CANNOT fall asleep as I have to catch a flight in about 3 hours! *URGH where's my cookie jar!!*

By the way, as you can see above, I was playing with patterns today! I always think pattern makes an outfit interesting and fun to wear. <3
I also love the idea of mixing pastels with dark or bright colors!

The mustard cardigan from Chicnova is so soft, I think I will bring it with me on this trip.
And the shoes! This is my first time to wear heel-less high heels! They are surprisingly comfortable, I've tried walking in them for like 6 hours. And definitely a head-turner, lol. Make sure to check them out: Laceorie

Ok, Moon River just played on my playlist all of a sudden. It's like the universe is telling me to go to bed.

Well, I think I'm just going to watch Running Man to freshen up a bit.

To end this entry, here is a photo of beloved Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's, singing "Moon River":

"Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see."

October 24, 2012

Fall into Floral

"If there's one Summer trend that shows no signs of wilting, it's the floral print."
Today I decided to wear this floral blazer from GOWIGASA which I think the overall color is perfect for fall season darker hue and not too many colors in the print. And to make it even more complete, I added the "it" color for fall... yes, burgundy that is. :)

GOWIGASA Floral Blazer and Gold Wave Necklace
I was trying to put on my burgundy hat from PullandBear, but apparently it cast a shadow over my face. Sorry hat, there will only be one picture of you in this post.
Urgh I hate it when the wind blows against my face when I am taking pictures. But I guess this one turned out okay? The hair-covering-half-of-face reminds me of Jessica Rabbit though!
...of course my face is not that sexy/seductive lah.
Anyway, the details of the outfit:
GOWIGASA Vintage Purse Bag. Really love the vintage yet elegant feel of this bag ♥

Ending the post with a close-up photo of Swaychic Red Velvet Ankle-Strap Platform. I am so in love with these shoes! They are so pretty and delicate, but at the same time fierce and dramatic. Thank you Swaychic!! ♥

October 22, 2012

Strawberry Bustier

Yes! There are strawberries on my bustier! How cute is that?!
I mean, the cutting of the bustier itself is cute enough already, and you topped it off with strawberry patterns?? *cuteness overload*

Toned down the cuteness by adding black accessories (leather jacket, studded belt and bowler hat.)

*took off jacket to show you a more detailed look of the bustier*
(plus the weather was killing me)

Kristine's Collection strawberry bustier | GOWIGASA mustard skirt and vintage purse bag | Forever21 shoes | UNIQLO mustard socks | ZARA leather jacket

Triangle necklace from Chicnova (worn backwards). You can see the original look here.

The back view of the bustier and skirt.

GOWIGASA black studded belt.
OK end of this entry!
Till my next post! :D

October 19, 2012

Not so Girly

I've been missing pastel colors and floral print for quite a while, so today without second thought, I picked out my floral bralette (which happens to be pastel) and paired it with this dainty soft yellow blazer that I got from Efoxcity (they have it in mint color too! It was really hard for me to choose one), a pair of lilac pants I bought from Singapore, ZARA white slim bag, anddd yellow heels from Comfit! ♥

Floral pattern and pastel colors tend to be associated with girls or femininity, therefore I chose blazer and pants as my outerwear and bottoms to make this outfit not so girly.

NOT that I hate looking girly alright. My outfit just depends a lot on my mood and I wasn't feeling girly enough today. I was tempted to pick a cream lace skirt though! *oh so fickle*

Efoxcity soft yellow blazer | Unbranded pastel floral bralette | Singapore lilac pants | ZARA white slim bag | Comfit yellow heels
I personally love these shoes because although the heel height is fairly high, they are still comfortable for walking all day; and the color is pretty rare to find, don't you think? :)

GILI Yellow shoes from Comfit
Anyway, today is Friday!!
Have a great weekend, lovely people! ;D

October 17, 2012

BigBang Alive Tour 2012 [Video + Outfit Post]

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to BigBang Alive Tour 2012 concert at MEIS Ancol, Jakarta on October 12 (yeehee!!). You have probably heard about them, but in case you've been living under a rock, they are like the coolest South Korean boy band! Seriously, there will be no other group like them. They have it all Faces, talents (musical + performance), funny personalities, and most importantly... ATTITUDE. And did I mention how fashionable they are? Oh, just google them for heaven's sake. You are going to love them and their songs as well. ♥

Anyway, the concert was AWESOME as expected!! Not only did they play all their hits (plus repeating some at the end) handsomely, they were also very entertaining and gave us their best by dancing and jumping all over the stage.

There were many surprises during the show– especially from Tae Yang, like he rapped "Aku Cinta Padamu" (I love you in Indonesian language) and he ripped off his shirt plus went down the stage to mingle with the crowd!!! I was like, "WTFFF those lucky bitches!" because unfortunately, I was sitting in the VIP area which is located above the stage... (╥_╥)

BigBang please come back soon to our country and give us the same energy you gave us that night. Indonesian VIP* will welcome you with open arms~♥

By the way, I didn't manage to record the whole show, but I think this video below is enough to show you guys how daebak they are! (≧◡≦)

Sorry for the low quality image and sound, it was recorded using my pocket camera.
*) VIP is the name of BB's Fan Club.

Anyway, this is what I wore to the concert:

GOWIGASA galaxy print top, black leather vest, and spike headpiece | ABOCS studded high-waisted shorts
 A closer look at the GOWIGASA spike headpiece and galaxy print top :) Red lipstick from Make Up For Ever (Aqua Rouge).

My new favorite high-waisted shorts from ABOCS!! I love the soft washed-out colors, the studs, and the cutting to bits! Thank you to the gorgeous Catherine Soepadhi!! Love you! :*

October 12, 2012

A bit Boyish

A very quick outfit post before I'm going to meet my heartthrobs at the BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR Concert!! Ahh so excited!! Even though I cannot sing along with them (obviously), but watching their live performance alone is more than enough to give me chills!!! ;D~~♥

Anyway, back to the outfit.
Today I wanted to try a boyish look, and what pops up in my mind when I hear 'boyish' is a plaid shirt! Then to spice it up a bit, I added the happening army green jacket because I think the colors go together very well, plus the (jacket's) fabric is so soft and comfortable you're gonna love it!
For the accessories, I just went with black colors, except the burgundy polkadot socks and red flower ring to make it less serious. :D 

GOWIGASA army green jacket and bag | Topshop leather shorts | Blair's Bazaar ring | MUJI polkadot socks
That's it! Hope you all have a great Friday!!!
By the way, how great would my Friday be, if I could meet five of them at the backstage?
Ahh, just thinking about it makes me grin like a loon.