April 30, 2013

On the Edge

//ALL GOWIGASA except Striped Top and Shoes//

Hi guys! Our new arrival will be launched on Thursday, May 2 (it's the day after tomorrow)!! YEEAAAYYYYYY ;D

Please visit us at GOWIGASA.com ! See ya! 

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

April 26, 2013

Elle's Going Blonde!

...for only about 2 hours, ha! I uploaded a photo of me with blonde hair to my Instagram yesterday and I was surprised by the sweet and supporting comments I got! Thank youuu! :"D

But I'm so sorry to have you fooled, it's just a WIG, guys. Well, it's not just a wig it's a very pretty, captivating, angelic wig from abHair 

I've always wanted to try blonde hair but all the treatments needed are too troublesome for my lazyass. That's why this wig is such a dream fulfiller!! Whenever I'm in the mood for channeling my inner Barbie, I can just throw on this blonde wig and I'm good to go! B)

The best thing about this wig (besides its color, of course) is that the long layers in the front make this style wearable on any face shape. Ok, enough talk, let's see some PICTURES!!

Wig - abHair
Floral Dress - GOWIGASA
Floral Headpiece - Inspired by Luce
Lilac Bracelet - Forever21
Shoes - Tory Burch
Lipstick - Pink Nouveau by MAC
Lipgloss - Etude House
Contact Lenses - GOWI LENS (WMM-305)

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

April 19, 2013

Floral and Pastel

As much as I love wearing edgy or tough-girl clothes, I still can't resist dainty floral patterns especially in delicate pastel colors. They are just incredibly sweet and dreamy and remind me of babies! Haaa~ :) I always fall in love every time I see them in stores.

Cat Face stockings to add more elements of "cuteness" to my outfit. lol
GOWIGASA Floral Top, Shorts and Sunglasses | Forever21 Mint Purse and Necklace | GOWIGASA Cat Face Stockings | Juicy Couture Bracelet | Soft Pink Wedges from Japan

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a fun and safe weekend!

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

April 15, 2013


Wellborn Company Tiger Print Top | Suite Blanco Tribal Shorts | Jeffrey Campbell LANA Boots | Snapback from my friend

Having a lot of fun today shooting with my new snapback!
I guess I'm going to start collecting them ;)

Anyway, on behalf of GOWIGASA, Jess and I would like to apologize for the delay of the new arrival. We've been very busy lately decorating our new home. But we promise you it will be worth your wait! :) We love you guys!! <3

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

April 11, 2013

EL Kabron Restaurant and Cliff Club, Bali

Finally got the time to blog about this uber cool place I visited when I went to Bali last March: EL Kabron (Spanish) Restaurant and Cliff Club. Let's start with the place!!

The entrance.
The location is very secluded, or should I say, well hidden. It wasn't that easy to find this place as there weren't any signboards whatsoever our taxi driver even had to ask several people to point out which road should we take to get there.

After going through the bad remote roads, we finally reached this place!!
The indoor area with a bar at the upper left. Half of the indoor area was being renovated due to the storm attack!
Here's where the beauty of EL Kabron kicks in... The Outdoor. We arrived there at around 3pm on weekdays so it wasn't crowded at all! :D
A swimming pool that resembles the shape of a sunny side-up egg.
That could be you ;)
Lilac bean bag chairs! Adorable or what?! I wish I could take one home!!
The newspaper hanging on the glass walls (upper left) and the people working in green shirts are what I was talking about: the place was being renovated. Fortunately there wasn't any disturbing noise coming from it :)
Me with my orange mix strawberry juice– just the way I like it! Oh by the way, we chose to be seated at the table first because it's more convenient to eat, and after that we moved to the bean bag near the pool to enjoy the scenery.
THIS is the only food I can eat there (Las Bravas del kabron - Spanish Fries with mayonaise and spicy sauce) as I was being a vegetarian back then /sob. But it was deliciousss, like salty and spicy with a bit of schweet, LOVE IT!
 //Moving on to the outfit...

Actually it was VERY windy out there, so here are some of the decent outfit shots I got after many failed attempts with my hair covering my face.

Amber Avenue Bralet Top | Amber Avenue Lilac Pleated Maxi Skirt | ZARA Slim Bag | Decimal Shoes DIONA Shoes | House of Holland Sunglasses

Mitchy-matchy with the bean bag chairs.
Some people asked me if I was out of my mind wearing those shoes to the "beach"? The answer is no. They are unbelievably comfortable and easy to walk in :) 
I'm wearing Princess Mimi Bambi Grey contact lenses (WMM-305) from GOWI LENS.
And how about the sunset?

Many reviewers on Trip Advisor raved about how amazing the sunset there, but unfortunately for me, the weather was not so pleasant when I went there, so this was pretty much what I got ⤵

The sun was covered by dark clouds before it started raining a few minutes later and all of us had to move inside. T___T
I hope the second time I go there the place will be fully renovated, the weather will be at its best and I won't be on my period!

EL Kabron Restaurant and Cliff Club
Address: Jl/ Pantai CemongkakPecatu, Bali 80361Indonesia
Phone: 062-361-7803416
Website: http://www.chiringuitoelkabron.com/
Price range: $5 - $30
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Spanish, Tapas, Wine Bar

X O X O,
Elle Yamada