May 30, 2012

Nautical Feel

What colors pop up in your head when you think of the word 'Summer'?
As for me: Blue and Yellow! Well, simply because they remind me of the Beach sea and sand. :)
Add some Red for a more nautical feel, and then add some neutral colors (in this case, Brown and White) to have some balance.

Fyi, the yellow Collar and the blue-striped Shirt are actually separated, and they will be in GOWIGASA's new arrivals collection next month in one package, so wait for it! ;)

By the way, did you notice that my hair was kept to one side on all the photos?
Yup! That's because of the fact that wearing certain collars makes your neck look shorter (you don't want that!). But I also can't resist wearing them as they are too adorable and can give you an instant preppy look!

So, what I usually do when wearing standing or turn-over collars (learn the difference here) is, move my hair to one side (or my back), side-braid it, tie it up, or whatever except letting it down that should do the trick.

My something new and something yellow.


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May 22, 2012

test test

Nyanyian Cintamu - AB THREE (cover)

Ku slalu ada di hatimu
Tulus cintaku t'lah menyatu
Haruskah semua ku ingkari
Indahnya kasih ini

Tak bolehkah aku jalani
Putih cintaku bersamamu
Mengapa tiada yang mengerti
Hingga selalu kuingin

Kaubawa diriku terbang bersamamu
Melayang jauh
Kau nyanyikan lagu tentang bintang bintang

(Bawa daku bersamamu, kita melayang jauh)
(Kita nyanyikan lagu tentang bintang bintang)

Bila esok tiba
Masihkah kan ada

Bila dapat aku lakukan
Hentikan waktu yang berlalu
Agar kau tetap di sisiku
Selalu dan selamanya

Back to Reff

Hari lepas hari
Melayang bersamamu

Bila esok tiba
Masihkah kan ada

Nyanyian Cintamu

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Clothing by GOWIGASA (Chic Sleek Top aqua)♥

Original song by AB Three: Nyanyian Cintamu.
I do not own this song, it belongs to its rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

© Jessica Yamada 2012

May 18, 2012

June+Julia x Elle&Jess

The mustard bow is actually a hair accessories.

June+Julia x Elle&Jess shoes, just like we wanted ~♥

The first time I knew June+Julia store was when I visited June Paski (the owner)'s blog. She was wearing June+Julia's LOLA boots, which then led me to my first purchase on their store (LOLA boots and Febrina heels)... I remember the Febrinas didn't fit my feet really well, and they let me change them -no extra charge! Not only they provide great customer service, the shoes are very comfortable too, especially the LOLAs! And I've been a fan ever since... :)

Therefore when June asked me and my sis to do a shoe collaboration, we were so excited as we knew they have the ability to create shoes just like we designed them to be! Even though it took quite a while (we thought it got canceled T___T), but we are very satisfied with the final result!!♥

We chose brown because we are huge fans of earthy tones, and we think, just like black and white, brown can go with many other colors. We also love the Oxford shoe design because it brings out the vintage feel! :)

Anyway I've tried to walk in those sweeties for all day long, and I swear it didn't hurt! Maybe for the first walk, it helps to wear socks like I did.

Well, we are proud to say that these attention-grabbing shoes are the perfect match for your everyday outfit! You can order them via web store or email to, but as they are limited editions, they can run out fast, so we'd advise ordering soon! ;D

Lots of love,

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May 16, 2012

Laruku, finally.

So, as you might already read here, we finally got the chance to watch L'Arc~en~Ciel concert, in real life. Words cannot describe how excited and moved we were, as we have been their fans since junior high school, watched their marvelous concert videos, listened to their songs over and over during our (galau plus labil) teenage phase, and so on.
It was a magical feeling, truly, to be finally able to meet our idols after years musing about them. Ines Tjokro described it best, over here on her blog.

// Outfit Pics //
Elle // Black Tank Top from GOWIGASA, F21 Bird Necklace, F21 Neon Leggings, F21 Bag, Jeffrey Campbell JC Ford.
Jess // Red Tank Top from GOWIGASAFerris Wheel Necklace from Singapore, Zara Denim Jacket, Topshop Shorts, Kate Spade Bag, Uniqlo Socks, LOLA boots from June+Julia.

"Kalian senang bertemu aku? Aku? Aku juga. Aku juga." -Hyde
Til we meet again, Hyde dear. :')

© Jessica & Elissa Yamada 2012

May 11, 2012

Where is the Love

"I think the whole world's addicted to the drama
Only attracted to things that will bring you trauma"

"Wrong information always shown by the media
Negative images is the main criteria
Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
Kids want to act like what they see in the cinemas"

"If you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you're bound to get irate"

"Man, you got to have love just to set it straight
Take control of your mind and meditate
Let your soul gravitate to the love"

--Simply the best Black Eyed Peas song ever.

Bangkok American Flag leggings // GOWIGASA red tank top // Jeffrey Campbell Ford shoes // Leather Jacket (Gift)

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May 08, 2012

Beautiful Mess

Lately I've found myself having a new hobby and that is to braid my hair like this. It's very simple actually; all you have to do is "just bring your hair to one side and braid it loosely - not too tight because you want it to look a bit messy, and then tie the end with a small elastic."  /via KidzWorld

Cute mustard purse from The Little Things She Needs.

 I'm wearing aqua blue tank top from GOWIGASA, Bangkok mustard shorts, Redherring long cardigan, Forever21 bird necklace, and JC Lana shoes.

May 05, 2012

Life is Wonderful

One of many wonderful things in life that just happened to me was L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour (to celebrate their 20 years together!) on May 2nd in Jakarta. Jess and I still can't believe we were finally able to see their live performance! We've been fans for years since junior high school!! :')) 

Anyway, this is the outfit I wore for the concert (trying to be as comfy as possible)!

Black Tank Top from GOWIGASA, F21 Bird Necklace, F21 Neon Leggings.

LOLA boots from June+Julia
Some photos of  L'Arc~en~Ciel, courtesy of

This is when Hyde (vocalist) said, "Halo Jakarta" and then blew three flying kisses to the audience! *FAINT*
If looks could kill... (he is 40 something for God's sake!)
Tetsuya (bassist) - One of his memorable acts was when he asked the audience, "Kamu mau pisang aku? Atau kamu mau jilat lolipop aku" and then started to throw bunch of real bananas and lollipops! lol.

Ken (guitarist) - He is surprisingly very funny and goofy! We were surprised because he always looked so cool in Laruku's music and concert videos! You can watch his witty performance here.
L'Arc~en~Ciel -- It means "The Rainbow" in French

A message for fans, regarding their performance at the Madison Square Garden (Laruku is the first Japanese band to headline the legendary venue):

"This is huge for our band to perform at the world-famous Madison Square Garden, so I want to make sure we give you the very best show for the American audience. ... I want to take the very best of everything we've done in Japan and put it in this show," Hyde said. "It's so hard for a Japanese act to be successful in America, but we were given this opportunity, so that means there is a possibility for us to break in the American market. I definitely feel lucky to be here after 20 years as a band."

"When we first started, I was just happy to be able to eat. Our goal back then was to be #1 in Osaka so that people in Tokyo could hear about us."

Video and translation /via

*I really hope I can watch their live performance again!!*