November 26, 2012

Elle's Japan Outfit #2 + Sushi Bar

I've told you about the freezing weather in Japan right? The good news is the temperature will be a lot warmer in the afternoon (and less windy!), that's why I could happily wear this pastel nets sweater paired with cream high-waisted skirt from Gowigasa :D
But of course I didn't forget to bring my coat and socks for a cold night that awaited us... ╥_╥

For the accessories, I wore this soft pink cat-ears beanie and cat-face print stockings that I think match very well with the whole outfit.

As I've shared on my Instagram, these flat shoes from Comfit are amazingly comfortable. I was very thankful I brought them with me on our full-of-walking-around trip! They are also my everyday shoes here in Jakarta :)

That day we opted to eat at a Sushi Bar near our hotel, named Ganso Zushi. 
It is a sushi bar chain and has many locations scattered all over Japan.

(Fyi, we went there twice and the photos below are from the first visit, except for the last one!)

You can see how small this place is, but no need to worry about not getting seats because the turnover is quite high as people eat fast here.
Cool sushi clock! Notice that the hands of the clock resemble chopsticks and the exterior of the clock looks like a bento bowl.
Yes, we make our own ocha (green tea) here with the hot water dispenser and green tea powder (at first I thought it was wasabi).
There are two kinds of green tea powder, and I personally like the roasted rice mix better.
The conveyor belt *om nom nom*
Look at how nice the ratio of fish-to-rice is! :D The unagi one is my favorite (1st pic)!
You can never have enough sushi.
There is a little drawer inside the chopstick's holder where they stock toothpicks. Talk about efficiency.
More packed in the afternoon (when we went there for the second time).
Ok, enough sushi for today! Thank you for reading and see you on my next post! ;)

GOWIGASA Pastel Nets Sweater, Cream High-Waisted Skater Skirt, Soft Pink Cat-Ears Beanie, Cat-Face Print Stockings | H&M Top (as inner) | Gucci Sukey Tote | Comfit Vega Camel Flats

November 22, 2012

Elle's Japan Outfit #1

Hi guys!!
Finally this blog is alive again, hehe.. We hope you've been doing well!! X
Honestly we are a bit confused as to what we have to blog first about our Japan trip, because we took like thousands of photos and we haven't decided yet how are we going to post them in this blog (in chronological order or per-activity or maybe every place we visited deserves its own blog post? hmm...)

That being said, I think I am going to post every outfit I wore in Japan in separate blog entries (like this one).
However I didn't get a chance to snap pictures for each outfit due to many different conditions, e.g. forgot to bring my camera, was in a hurry, it was already night time (I'm not a fan of camera flash), was too busy enjoying every bit of Japan that I forgot to take any photos, etc etc.

SO, for that forgotten outfits I'm going to take the photos in Jakarta!!! (no yay? okay...)

About this outfit:
☺ I wore it when we went to Shibuya 109 for the second time and Akihabara (Anime slash geek heaven).

☺ The location of this shoot is near our 4th hotel (Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku) before we took off to the train station.

☺ Actually I put on my black coat over my outfit when I was going out because the weather was freaking cold outside. And if you noticed, I also wore nude stockings to cover my legs. 

☺ Top, black leather skirt, skull studded bag from GOWIGASA // Rivet denim jacket from Romwe // Boots from Japan // Socks from Uniqlo.

GOWIGASA updates:
We will upload our new arrivals as soon as possible (sorry to have kept you waiting!). The photoshoot hopefully can be done this week. Please follow our Twitter and Instagram (@gowigasa) to keep updated! :)♥

November 02, 2012


There are so many trends happening this Fall, and one of my personal favorite is... Velvet! Yes, how could you not love the fact that it adds a richness and elegance to any look no matter what color you choose? :)

GOWIGASA red velvet skirt | Unbranded top | GOWIGASA bag | Swaychic red velvet platforms | GOWIGASA hat
Can't stress enough how much I love this pair of platforms from Swaychic! The true color is more like the ones in the full-body photographs above.

Anywayyy, the VIDEO that I was talking about is up on our YouTube channel!
Click here to watch! (︶ω︶)

(It's a video of Jess and I announcing Gowigasa holiday. Importance lvl: 100)