July 11, 2018

HOSHINOYA Tokyo | A Luxurious Ryokan in the Heart of Tokyo

Welcome to HOSHINOYA Tokyo, the city's first luxury five-star ryokan that combines contemporary and traditional designs with high-tech features.
This stay marked the third time I've had the privilege of staying at Hoshino Resorts properties (the first time was Hoshino Resorts L'Hotel de Hiei, and the second time was HOSHINOYA Kyoto). And for the third time, I was, once again completely impressed by the design aesthetic, the quality of service, the various activities you can do, the FOOD, and the attention to detail put into everything. For example, the building looks like a tall black monolith from afar, but as you get closer, you'll see that its dark exterior is actually an elegant lattice of leaf-like patterns that veils the building. ↓
HOSHINOYA Tokyo is surrounded by office towers as it is situated in the Central Business District of Tokyo, only 300m from Otemachi Station (very easy walking distance), making it convenient to reach from anywhere in the city and for you to go wherever you wish in the city.


As soon as I walked in, the buzzing atmosphere of Tokyo begins to fade away and I felt the elegant silence that spread throughout the ryokan.
I was greeted by a seasonal ikebana arrangement and a bright and friendly staff in a kimono who asked me to take off my shoes for her to store in one of these bamboo shoeboxes that line the hallway ↓
What a unique idea for shoeboxes, right? 😍
"If you had to take off your shoes, how did you walk around the ryokan then?"
The answer is, by barefoot or in socks.

"Was it dirty? Or uncomfortable?"
Not at all, all the areas are very clean and the floors are covered entirely with tatami mats (even in the elevators)!


There are two types of lounge in HOSHINOYA Tokyo. The first one is located on each guest floor where we do the check-in process while being served welcome snack and drink, and explained about the ryokan by the staff who speaks very fluent English.
Delicious mochi to welcome your stay 💖
This lounge is also called Ochanoma where guests can enjoy seasonal sake and confectionary 24/7 for free. What's more exciting is that the confectionery changes throughout the day! For example, you'll have onigiris in the morning, various sweets in the afternoon, and ramen noodles in the evening! 😋
There are also a work station, sofa, and books to complete your relax time here.
Enjoying my favorite, the Dorayaki! It was seriously the most delicious dorayaki I've ever had! I even asked the staff where to buy it! 😂
The second lounge is located on the lobby floor where you do the check-out process.
If you are staying here and you want to invite your friend, s/he can only visit this area.
Hotel merchandises are also available to purchase here ↓


HOSHINOYA Tokyo has 84 guestrooms that are split into six groups on 14 floors. There are three categories of rooms: Yuri, Sakura and Kikunamed after flowers (lily, cherry blossoms, and chrysanthemum).
My room's entrance. I stayed at the Kiku room which is double the size of Yuri and Sakura rooms with a spacious living area and a walking closet.
The room's key is presented in a form of a wooden case.
The stars of the room are these low futon beds that are sooo fluffy with soft sheets and plush pillows, you'll feel like you're laying on clouds! 😭😍
A lovely welcome letter and drink from HOSHINOYA Tokyo team. Thank you :)
Hoshino Resorts properties were designed to offer their guests a place to relax completely, so they usually do not provide a TV inside guestrooms. However, since HOSHINOYA Tokyo is located in one of the busiest cities in the world, you can expect to find a flat-screen TVs here.
 The interesting part is, the TV is cleverly hidden away behind a mirror. So, after you press the remote control, the screen will magically appear! ↑
Walk-in (bamboo) closet with automatic lighting which allows motion sensor.
There are two sets (depends on how many persons staying) of kimono provided inside the cupboard for you to wear around the ryokan, or even outside for a stroll around the city. There is also a set of pajamas available, just like the one in HOSHINOYA Kyoto.
A spacious bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower on one side, and a separate toilet on the other. The bathroom is equipped with a hair dryer and high-quality skincare products too.
Love the aesthetic shadows that form on the sheets in the morning. 💘


🎌  D I N N E R  🎌
The dinner is served at the ryokan's restaurant that is located on the basement floor and only open to guests. As you stepped off the elevator, you'll see this big rock formations and earthy clay walls - combine it with the tranquil atmosphere, it will surely make you feel like you are inside a beautiful cave.
There are two types of dining areas. The first area consists of 10 tables, each separated by a wooden partition ↑ and the second area is a private room with minimalistic designs. ↓
Fun fact: this tray was made out of the same wood as the entryway doors! It was Executive Chef Noriyuki Hamada's idea to create the continuity between the hotel and the restaurant. And could you please look at that cute piece of paper! 😻

Anyway, just like in HOSHINOYA Kyoto, the dinner comes in Kaiseki type. I've explained about it on my previous post, but I'll repeat it here, in case you haven't read it :)

Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese multi-course haute cuisine where the chef uses only fresh seasonal ingredients (which means each season has its own special menu), and balances the taste, texture, appearance, and colors of food, making it not only a feast for the palate, but also for the eyes.
Even though the dishes come in small portions, I can assure you that you will leave with a satisfied and very full belly!

Executive Chef Noriyuki Hamada uses his French culinary techniques and fresh Japanese ingredients to create dishes that represent a ryokan experience with a twist. Every single dish was undoubtedly delicious and presented beautifully!

Let the feast begin!
"Kaseki" Tuile and Deep-Fried Shrimp Mousse Covered with Edamame
Clam Soup
Amuse-bouche: Five Flavors of Delight
(sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and umami)
Bamboo Shoot
Mushroom Soup and Turban Shell
"Lidako" Octopus
Sea Bream
Roughscale Sole
"Hassaku" Citrus and Green Tea
Petit Fours
A (literally) sweet birthday surprise for me! Thank you so much 😘

🎌  B R E A K F A S T  🎌
The breakfast is served at your room or the Ochanoma lounge. You can choose between Japanese style and Western Style breakfast. I chose the Japanese style, obviously. 😋


1. Kagura Performance and Sake
You can enjoy seasonal sake, wines, and snacks while watching an interesting Kagura performance on the lobby lounge area along with other guests.
All the guests were very entertained by this talented and hilarious performer! xD

2. Japanese Tea Ceremony
This activity offers guests an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of Japanese hospitality (it starts at 10AM to 11AM).
I've always been fascinated by Asian culture, and I'm so glad and grateful that I could learn about Japanese tea culture from this lady, Tomoko-san — all while enjoying a hot cup of matcha, some sweets, and each other's company at HOSHINOYA Tokyo. 🍵
Tomoko-san graciously explained to me about the history, the etiquette, and how, sadly, this old Japanese ritual is slowly disappearing with time. Thank you for sharing your tradition with me, Tomoko-san, I had a delightful time. 🙇🏻‍♀️💞

3. Deep Breath Exercise (for a good sleep)
A program that calms the heart with deep breath to spend a peaceful night (starts at 10PM).

4. Hot Spring / Onsen
The onsen at HOSHINOYA Tokyo is amazing! It is located on the top floor (17th floor) and the hot spring waters flow from 1,500m beneath Tokyothey said it's good for your skin and body. Aside from it, it has an open roof, so you can enjoy a beautiful view of the night sky at night or cloud-gazing in the morning or afternoon while soaking in a steaming hot bath.
pic cr: wotif.com
My experience at HOSHINOYA Tokyo was incredible and is one I'll never forget. Thank you once again to HOSHINOYA Tokyo team for having me and taking care of me during my stay. 💖

Address: 1 Chome-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
Nearest station: Otemachi Station
Languages: Japanese, English and Chinese
WiFi: Available
Price: US $1,110 (per room/per night) and up
Telephone number: +81-503-786-1144
Website: https://hoshinoya.com/tokyo/en/