April 25, 2015

Featured in NYLON Indonesia April 2015 Issue

Click on the photo to enlarge. :)

Thank you so much, NYLON Indonesia for the feature and miss Vinny Vindiani for the interview!


April 17, 2015

Karuizawa Getaway | Winter in Japan | Tokyo Rail Days

On our first day arriving in Japan, Tokyo Rail Days took us to this hidden gem: Karuizawa!

Click the links below to see the rest of the awesome activities we had during this trip:
It took us only an hour and ten minutes to get there with Hokuriku Shinkansen "Asama".

Family portrait! Love how cute mama looks in this picture!

Jess is wearing Cozy Knit Sweater Yellow by GOWIGASA

Elle looks like @miikopanda here. XD

 Up up here we go~~~

To this Karuizawa Premium Outlet!

Enjoying the breathtaking *partly because it was very cold out there* view before going down there~

OKAY! We're ready to shop but first...


Yamahei Restaurant [やまへい]

 Love the restaurant's warm ambience!
..and what a pretty place, eh?

AND BEAUTIFUL, MARVELOUS FOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!! They are famous for their homemade Buckwheat Soba and it really was delicious!

Wouldn't mind having our lunch here every once or twice a week. ;)

GOWIGASA Cara Black Leather Jacket

Moving on... to the shopping outlets!!

Honey Bunch

 OH-SO-CUTE Hello Kitty Shoes!!!!!

:* :*

Majestic Legon

Spotted: A very pretty mannequin!

Pretty mannequin deserves at least two close up shots.


Lol just kidding! (Although it wouldn't hurt if someday we open an outlet here lol)

Souvenir Court & Sawaya

 Inside this Souvenir Court, there are a lot of interesting things, including THESE giant Pocky and Pretz:

But the GEM in this store is actually this ridiculously delicious JAM!!! #rhymes

Relax and Play!

Coming to end our visit to this laid back, cozy place, we stumbled across this 'hill' of snow and some kids sledding on it. WE ALSO WANT!!!!!!!!

And so we did.
↑ Click to play the video 


How To Get There

1. Go to Tokyo Rail Days' website here
2. Choose the tour that you're interested in (Sakura / Strawberry Pickings / Skiing / etc).
Complete information about the price and itinerary details is right there on the website.
You can also choose the day and time. So practical!
3. Contact one of the travel agents that are listed below the page to arrange the tour.
They can also rent you a portable wifi, how convenient is that?
4. Make the payment
5. Train tickets and information about the trip will be sent to your hotel in Japan

Tokyo Rail Days' PLUS POINTS

1. You're going to travel by train a comfortable one, really!
2. All the tickets, informations and guidance is prepared by them, no need to hire a costly tour guide
3. Everything is customized to your budget and schedule

P.S. The tour and ticket prices are very low because they're special price for tourists. If Japanese themselves want to go, they cannot get this price. ^^;

- - - Tokyo Rail Days - - -
Website: bit.ly/jprail
Facebook: bit.ly/trdfb03

We sincerely hope that you get to experience this wonderful trip for yourself, and better yet, with your family! :)


April 13, 2015

Sisters Day with OPPO R5

We consider ourselves very very lucky to have each other, and one of the main reasons is that
we share common interests in so many things, such as travel, movies, fashion, beauty, business, and...

We love the idea of 'freezing' precious moments that cannot be repeated to look back on later in life with mixed feelings.
You know the time when you are supposed to clean up your room and you end up spending hours and hours just looking at old pictures, getting lost in nostalgia?
That kind of thing truly warms our hearts. :)

Therefore, every time we spend the day together whether with our family or just the two of us, taking photos is always part of the activities.
And no doubt a good camera is the key to fulfil our needs!
So today, we are going to share with you our current favorite smartphone to take quality pictures and videos (and the reasons why we love it):

For those who haven't heard about this smartphone, OPPO R5 is OPPO’s latest flagship model
which dubbed as one of the slimmest smartphone in the world with less than 0.5 cm thick!



 One of the front camera features that we love from this smartphone is the “Beautify” feature.
With this feature, it miraculously creates this glowing, soft effect to your skin (also gives a touch of blush on the cheeks haha), AND slims your face!

Many choices of instant filter too! But we used "Natural" for all the selfies in this post.

♡ Not only the screen is big, the camera is also equipped with wide-angle lens, thus it allows more interesting background to be included in the photo and your face won't be too close-up, lol.

 Selfie result 

Selfie result 
Selfie result 
 Selfie result 

Selfie result 

♡ The image quality is bright and sharp, even in lower light (makes it easier to edit)!
See below selfie when it was taken at dusk 
Amazing, huh?


REAR CAMERA (13MP with Schneider Kreuznach Certification)

The rear camera is equipped with Pure Image 2.0+ Technology that has a lot of interesting features to play with. 

Photo result (using 'Normal') 
The HDR feature. 
The Panorama feature. 

We also had some fun with its Double Exposure feature! :D
Actually you are going to need a tripod to produce the perfect double exposure pictures, but we forgot to bring ours that day, so here are our attempts at shooting with bare hands 
Not bad, right? ^^

And here are samples of photo and video taken indoor with OPPO R5 (without flash):
↑ Click to play the video 

See how it captured the vibrant colors without losing the details? LOVE! 



The fact that it's ultra-slim (4.85 mm thickness) and made from premium material makes it ideal for fashion accessories.
Another plus point is it's non-slippery and very light with only 155g!

Elle's wearing GOWIGASA Powder Blue Blazer, Tory Burch Bag, Jason Wu Heels.

If you wonder a phone that slim might be fragile, well you can erase that thought right now!
Watch this video and be in awe at how tough it is, thanks to its stainless steel material:



5.2” AMOLED screen - 1920 x 1080 Full HD 423ppi
We love how AMOLED screen makes the images POP! Beautiful. It also helps with editing photos as it shows true colors. :D



The battery life is pretty long-lasting, but what we really love from OPPO R5 is that it came with VOOC flash charge technology! This, ladies and gentlemen, is the real stuff.
It is super fast, it enables you to charge your phone from 0% to 75% within half an hour! Very reliable!!
The small figure of this adapter also makes it easy to carry. :)



Website: http://bit.ly/oppoweb
Facebook: http://bit.ly/oppoidfb
Instagram: http://bit.ly/oppoidig

Ending this post with one last selfie:
...and photoception of Miiko! ^^

See you in our next post!