February 22, 2016

ORORI Bling Bling Bloggers Day

Hey, what's up!
So, on December 16th 2015, we were invited to ORORI Bloggers Day which was held at The Hermitage (Menteng, Central Jakarta). ORORI.COM itself is the pioneer of jewelry e-commerce in Indonesia since 2004, selling a wide range of jewelries and certified-legal golds (ANTAM & PAMP products) and of course, diamonds.

On 2012, though, upon realizing that technology and online market is growing at a rapid pace, they took a bold move by closing a bunch of their offline stores in Jakarta's shopping malls, driving the sales completely to their online store, in hope that by doing so, Indonesian people will find the perfect solution for an easy-and-safe jewelry online shopping experience. Well afterall, who doesn't love online shopping? ;)

The Blings

Serenaded with beautiful music, the white-dominated venue was nicely decorated.
ORORI flashed out some of their beautiful jewelries, putting them into these pretty display arrangements so all of us invitees could take a closer look at the details of their high quality products..

...or even try them on ourselves!
Love this cute, dainty heart diamond ring 

About Orori

ORORI itself stands for "Oro", which means 'Gold' in Italian, and "Ri", which is short for 'Ring'.
Aside from being the pioneer (and the one and only) Indonesian jewelry e-commerce, ORORI.COM also has more than 20,000 *YEP* high quality items for sale, in addition to their:
 'Design My Own' feature, which enables us to create and personalize our very own pieces of jewelry 
 3D Printer, which is one of the latest technology used to create their jewelries 
 'Same Day Service' for ANTAM Gold purchases. Buy today, get your gold bar today 
 'Alphabet Pendant', makes a cute gift for yourself or your loved ones, comes in 5 different fonts 
 ...and many more 

We were watching the models elegantly showing off ORORI's pieces of jewelry on the runway..

When suddenly, this male model came out, nervously showing off a beautiful ring to the audience:
...ANDDD he proposed to the female model, who happily said yes!!!!!!
Ok ok it's part of the show, but still, it's entertaining! Lol

On this event, ORORI also did a signing ceremony with UBS (PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera):
Ho Boon Peng (ORORI Board of Director) with Erwin Suganda (UBS Creative Director)
This collaboration aims to meet the increasing market demand for Swarovski jewelries in Indonesia. To celebrate this, they're having a 20% OFF* promotion for their Swarovski jewelry collection here.
*valid from 1-29 February 2016

Okay then, thanks for reading, everyone!
Wishing you a bling bling day ahead. :D

February 16, 2016

Inner Child

 I recently read a beautiful quote from Michelle Phan:
"It made me realize how we can easily forget our childhood dreams and hopes because of work, obligations, and life struggles. I learned how reconnecting with your inner child will help bring you closer to your higher self and sense of purpose."

Combine it with the book I'm currently reading, The Alchemist, which is about pursuing our 'Personal Legend' (or personal calling), it prompted me to re-evaluate what I want to do with my life, what is my true passion where I would put my whole heart into. Because I believe that, only by accomplishing our personal calling, can we prove ourselves worthy of the miracle of life, and understand why we are here.

I'm still in the phase of figuring it out, and if you're the same, I'd like to share a sentence from The Alchemist: "Whenever we are doing something that fills us with enthusiasm, we are following our legend." So, why don't we start from there? :) Or, as Michelle said, by reconnecting with your inner child. Ask yourself, what made you happy when you were a kid? More often than not, it is your true passion, because we didn't do it for money, or to impress others; we just did what made us happy.

And if you've found your personal calling, I hope you have the courage to pursue it. Good luck to us all! :)
Striped Top and Long Pinafore from Korea | Tsumori Chisato Purse | Bershka White Sneakers | ByInviteOnly Necklace | OPS!Objects Watch
 For my lips, I used e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in wine (a bit more red than in the photo above).
Ending this post with something sweet.