June 25, 2012

Creative ways to wear Occasion Dresses for any event

Occasion dresses need not be kept at the back of your wardrobe waiting for their moment to shine. With a few little style twists, they can be worn absolutely anywhere.

So if you are tired of dressing down during your day-to-day routine and want to carry off a little of that red carpet chic without looking too over the top, then why not try mixing up your wardrobe a little and getting some well-deserved wear out of your evening dresses.

Simply mix it with a pastel blazer...

...or a bowler hat... (Floral Dress from Littlewoods)

...or a leather jacket! :)


Wearing an occasion dress around town without wanting to look like you’re on the way to a film premier is easier than you might think.

Tips: Cover the top half of the dress a little by throwing on a thin cardigan or a delicate shawl. 

Katy Perry always makes a head-turning appearance.

Reese Witherspoon looking so sweet in a red floral dress by Isabel Marant.

Eye-catching colors ♥ You can get this dress on Littlewoods.

Image courtesy of Playingwithfire
Floral print occasion dresses are a big hit this summer. The beauty of florals is that they look great when paired with an understated colours such as black or pastels.


There may be a temptation to go all the way if you’re putting your new dress on for a casual lunch or a shopping trip. Try to avoid slipping those excessively high heels onto your feet and go for something a little more understated to keep the look relaxed.

It's cool to be comfy! Images courtesy of http://www.handbag.com

Plimsolls or sandals will help you achieve an effortlessly chic daytime look and, more importantly, they’ll make sure that your feet stay comfortable and ready for a night out later.

Alexa Chung in her lady-like dress and Plimsolls as always she nailed the look.
Get these adorable Plimsolls on Littlewoods.


When selecting jewellery to wear with your occasion dress during the daytime, keep it simple. Avoiding anything too over the top will keep you from drifting into the evening wear zone.


Let it all down. Pinning up your hair may look wonderful in the evening but it tends to leave the neckline very exposed, bringing with it the temptation to don a necklace.

Wearing your hair down is a great way to avoid the temptation of over accessorising and keeps your top-half looking natural and fresh.

Elle and Jess

June 24, 2012

Hyde I Love You

One lazy evening, I saw Hyde, our lovely lazy ass pup; walking and sniffing around for nothing. I was doing nothing too, so I decided to kidnap him for a random camwhoring session! Ok, in some pictures, it might seem like I'm such an animal abuser ...but I'm not. I just looove him so much and one could only blame his adorable silliness for making one turned into an, uhm, overly affectionate person. Nevertheless, I love you, Hyde! I weally weally do!


Hyde, y u look so unwilling omg. Posted this one earlier on Instagram.

Yes, yes, I know you don't like this, but I don't care it'll only take a few minutes, I swear!

Ok hug!

He's so cool right here, isn't he? Oh, that cool gaze.. and his ears look like swishy hair!

Uncomfortable much, baby? Remember patience is a virtue!

Dancing with the struggling

Lol, sorry, Hyde. Guess I almost made your eyes popped out in this one, huh? *urggh*

Okay that's it, Hyde, thank you sooo much! Say 'bye bye'!

© Jessica Yamada 2012

June 21, 2012

New in June from GOWIGASA

Just wanna share some of our online boutique's New Collection for this month.

New in June
If you don't already know, yes, we have an online boutique that has been running for two and a half year by now ^^. Realizing that we have never shared any of its' pics on this blog, we thought, "why not?". So, here they are ;)
Lemon on Top
IDR 139,900.- / USD 17.49

CODE: Vonny Floral Shorts
IDR 135,900.- / USD 16.99

CODE: Envelope Bag Red
IDR 160,000.- / USD 20

CODE: Red Wine Asymmetric Skirt
IDR 175,900.- / USD 21.99

CODE: Ribbony Lace Shorts
IDR 165,900.- / USD 20.74

CODE: Joscelyn Culottes
IDR 165,900.- / USD 20.74

CODE: Fairy White Dress
IDR 225,900.- / USD 28.24

CODE: White Polka Stocking
IDR 115,000.- / USD 14.38

CODE: Sherly O Skirt
IDR 175,900.- / USD 21.99

CODE: Samantha Bib Necklace
IDR 95,000.- / USD 11.88

CODE: Boudoir Collar
IDR 120,000.- / USD 15

CODE: Milky Belt
IDR 50,000.- / USD 6.25

CODE: Hearty Belt
IDR 90,000.- / USD 11.25

They are all available for purchase on http://GOWIGASA.com (measurement and complete information about each product are also mentioned there). And the good news is, we also ship worldwide ! ^^
Alrighty, should you have any questions about GOWIGASA, please feel free to leave a comment or message us on Facebookemail us at gowigasa@yahoo.com or text us on (+62)87886619819. Thank you!

Jess & Elle
© Jessica & Elissa Yamada 2012

June 16, 2012

Shine like the Stars

Just a quick outfit post before going back to work! :)

Found this cute shorts in Bangkok. I love the fun feeling they bring! Can't wait to wear them on the beach hehe

Paired the shorts with GOWIGASA Lace Shirt, Unbranded Neon Belt, and Mango Sling Purse. Colorgasm ♥

Oh, have you watched "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted"?
I watched it two days ago with my friends, and God it was hilarious!!
My favorite character has to be King Julien that seems 'high' all the time LOL.
Also love the antagonist character, Captain Chantel DuBois; she's like super crazy and freak which makes her so funny and entertaining haha!
Almost forgot Marty's Circus Afro song!! It was in my head all night!

Ah, I love Madagascar!

Which one is your favorite? :)


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June 15, 2012

White Dress

If you follow me on Instagram (@elleyamada), you probably knew that I did a commercial photoshoot for San Christine -a skin whitening product three days ago. Here are some photos of the look, outfit, and during the photoshoot. (Please excuse the photo quality as I didn't bring my camera with me, so all the photos were taken with my phone)

Wearing Fairy White dress from GOWIGASA (Click-click! New Arrivals today! ;D)

Bunny teeth.

Like my lip-color? Wait for the tutorial on my next post! :)

I love the details of the dress SO much!! It's not just another white dress, really.

Shoes of the day! Flower Wedges from New Look.

Before going home- still managed to take a pic! 8D

I'm telling you, the product is amazing! You can see the difference in the skin color of my feet and my hands (before - after) ♥ Thanks Karina for taking this pic!

The photo session was fun and enjoyable as the owner (Xiu Wen) and her family were very nice and sweet to me! The photographer and all the crews were very professional too! Hopefully they will release the product soon so I can blog about the details of the product and how to order it (as many of you have asked me on Twitter)!! :)