May 30, 2013

Cat Walking

What I Wore: ALL GOWIGASA except shoes from Forever21

This is the outfit that I wore last Saturday and at the same time... another teaser for Gowigasa's upcoming arrival! Yayy! You might have seen this stunning floral dress from this post, and the cute cat-shaped bag from this post

So, what's really new here is the COAT. Oh, the coat. I'm just so smitten with it! I love how it's just a little bit longer in the back and the fact that it offers a classic elegant look, or you could say... a Japanese/Korean look. Not to mention the colour is neutral so it can go with anything you'd like to pair it with :D

I'm also captivated by this floral dress for its simple yet flattering look; girly but also ladylike. And the colour is so fresh! Such a stunner for many occasions.

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

May 27, 2013

Old Sport

What I Wore: GOWIGASA Top, Shorts and Backpack | Chicnova Mint Varsity Jacket | Emporio Armani Watch | Stradivarius Mint Socks | Shoes from Japan

Just a quick post before I'm going back to lay down and read One Piece again. I'm having muscle soreness after a workout yesterday, so it seems today I'm going to spend lots of quality time with my bed.

ps. Just in case you didn't notice, the title of this post is Gatsby's catchphrase from 'The Great Gatsby' movie <3

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

May 21, 2013

Milky Way

Wellborn Company Tee | Topshop Black Cardigan and Leather Shorts | GOWIGASA Sheer Stockings | Decimal Shoes Creepers

T-shirt and shorts kinda day :)
If you are a fan of cool graphic tees, then you HAVE to visit Wellborn Company! Trust me, you will have a hard time choosing cos everything looks awwwesome! And don't you worry about the fabric because it feels really soft and comfortable, I even wear them to bed <3

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

May 16, 2013


Choies Monster Sweater | GOWIGASA Sheer Black Stockings | Decimal Shoes Pink Boots | GOWIGASA Shocking Pink Beanie

I think it doesn't take a genius to tell you that the theme of my OOTD is PINK hehe.. When I posted 2 photos of this outfit to my Instagram, most people's attention were drawn to my pink boots. And I couldn't blame them since they are indeed stunning attention-grabbers! Thank you sooo much Decimal Shoes for creating the shoes based on my rough description of what I want :)

Anyway, today is Thursday so I'm going to end this post with a #TBT or #ThrowBackThursday picture!!

Guess which one is mini me? ;)

Elle Yamada

May 11, 2013

Gwiyomi 귀요미 송

As requested on Instagram & Twitter, here's our version of Gwiyomi cover. Happy watching and scroll down for some screen caps. ;)

(하리) 귀요미 송  // (HARI) Cutie Song
Hannun paljima nuga mworaedo naekkeo (naekkeo)
Don't look at other girls, no matter what they say, you're mine (you're mine)

Dareun yeojarang maldo seokkjima nan nikkeo (nan nikkeo)
Don't even talk to other girls, I'm yours (I'm yours)

Saekki songarak geolgo kkok yaksokhaejwoyo
Please pinky promise me

Jeoldae na honja naebeoryeo duji ankiro
That you'll never leave me alone

Ildeo hagi ileun Gwiyomi
One plus one equals Gwiyomi

Ideo hagi ineun Gwiyomi
Two plus two equals Gwiyomi

Samdeo hagi sameun gwiyomi, Gwigwi Gwiyomi, gwigwi Gwiyomi
Three plus three equals Gwiyomi, Gwigwi Gwiyomi gwigwi Gwiyomi

Sadeo hagi sado Gwiyomi
Four plus four equals Gwiyomi too

Odeo hagi odo Gwiyomi
Five plus five equals Gwiyomi too

Yukdeo hagi yugeun chu chu chu chu chu Gwiyomi, nan Gwiyomi!
Six plus six equals chu chu chu chu chu Gwiyomi, I'm Gwiyomi!

- - -

We had lots of fun filming this video (and watching it over and over again. Narcissistic enough? Lol). Recording session, which didn't take long, took place at Twig Cafe - Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Try their Ghirardelli Iced Chocolate when you get the chance to visit this cute place, it's to die for!

Twig Cafe // Ruko Crown Golf Blk B No. 5, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, Indonesia 14470 // (021) 29424808

The song itself is beyond cute and very catchy as well (listen to the full song here, and the real singer is also very-very-very cute!!! Elle said, "She (Hari) is the real definition of Cute". Watch her here:

Okay then, see you later in our... next video? ;)

X O X O,
Elle and Jess

May 08, 2013

Warm Feel

GOWIGASA Floral Denim Cropped Top | H&M Tan Pants | Topshop Oversized Cardigan | Forever21 Bag | Decimal Shoes Heels

Yes, I wore this floral denim cropped top again, but instead of pairing it with other pastel colors like the last time, today I mixed it with earth-tone colors to give it a warm feel.

Anyway don't you just looove the color of my pants? I got it from H&M for like IDR 160K / USD 16 only!! xD

Moving on to the outerwear...

This oversized cardigan is one of my favorite outerwears, ever. I'm so obsessed with it that I carry it with me almost everywhere I go. It keeps me warm and I just love the fuzzy and soft fabric which I think is perfect for snuggling up! Plus, the color is neutral so it goes with whatever colors you like without looking too much. :)

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

May 04, 2013


Yeppp, our NEW COLLECTION is finally UP, baby! Two days ago we've uploaded 100++ items to our website and Facebook, and boy, has it been hectic! But we had fun, really! It feels so damn good to be productive ;)

Anyway, did you know?
1. This is our first collection in 2013
2. If you order via our website (, you'll get 'ongkir lama', plus it's more convenient for you!
3. We're currently working on our new, shiny website! So, better use the current one now (with it's old, cheaper shipping fee, of course) \(•ˆ ó ˆ•)/

//Outfit by GOWIGASA, except studded boots from Choies

H A P P Y  S A T U R D A Y  ! !

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

May 02, 2013


YES! Finally this cat-shaped bag has joined Gowigasa family! We named this bag Artemis because it reminds us of Sailor Venus' cat! If you were a fan of 'Sailor Moon' manga/anime (by Naoko Takeuchi) when you were kids, you must remember that white magical cat who acts as a guardian and advisor to Sailor Venus! :D

Jess and I used to be huge fans of Sailor Moon series. We loved to spend our leisure times drawing all the characters, imagining how cool it would be if we had the superpower like they possessed, and of course we tried to 'transform' into Sailor Moon (followed all the movements + SING along wtf)

Oh, how I miss the good ol' days...

Wanted to try a different spot to shoot from but ended up getting face-slapped by my hair because the wind was freakin cray cray!
// Sheinside Beige Geometric Eyelet Sweater
// GOWIGASA Burgundy Pants, Artemis Bag, Neon Beanie

X O X O,
Elle Yamada