February 25, 2014


Had lots of fun at WAKUWAKU JAPAN MUSIC FESTIVAL that was held about a week ago at JCC Senayan, Jakarta.
WAKUWAKU JAPAN is an entertainment channel that broadcasts Japanese TV programs in Indonesia. *say whaaat??* Yup, whether you're a J-culture fan like us, or if you're curious about Japan in general, you can now watch this channel because it broadcast the best selection of popular Japanese programs (Anime, Drama, Cultures, Entertainments, Sports, Music, Film, Documenters), ALL made-in-Japan contents, 24 hours a day in local languages (children's programs are dubbed and other programs are subtitled)!! *cries happy tears* (˘̩̩ᴗ˘̩̩ƪ)
*WAKUWAKU (ワクワク-わくわく) itself means 'excited' or 'thrilled'; which best describes our feeling about it, too!

♡ Launched on 22 February 2014, WAKUWAKU JAPAN is now available for Okevision and Indovision subscribers ♡

To celebrate the launching of the channel, WAKUWAKU held this live music event that we attended. ^_^

On Jess: GOWIGASA's Bolts Sleeveless Crop Top, Ikat Tribal Backpack
On Elle: GOWIGASA's Asymmetric Semi Sheer Blouse 

WAKUWAKU JAPAN MUSIC FESTIVAL featured both Japanese and Indonesian artist performances like Flumpool, JKT48, Afgan and Bunga Citra Lestari. Attended by many fans and J-culture enthusiasts, the event was a success!
Pretty BCL a.k.a. Bunga Citra Lestari
We were most excited watching Flumpool and JKT48 performances. Flumpool's vocalist Ryuta Yamamura (山村隆太) was SO HANDSOME!!! When the show was almost over, we went all fangirling with Stella Lee over him. It was like, "Okay, one... two...... three! RYUTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" lol!
Now JKT48 was entertaining in a whole different level. In case you don't know about them (which is doubtful, but well, just in case..), JKT48 is an Indonesian idol group which has the same concept with it's super popular sister group AKB48 in Japan. Their concept is "idols you can meet" and unlike regular idol groups which would occasionally perform on concerts or TV shows, JKT48 performs daily at fX Sudirman, Jakarta; just like AKB48 who performs daily at their own theatre in Akihabara, Japan.

We wonder if this concept is the main cause of so many JKT48's fanatic fans out there or if there's any other reason. All we know is that JKT48 has so many enthusiastic loyal fans; especially fanboys! Now this event made us witness it (JKT48's crazy popularity) with our own eyes AND it was also our very first time watching their show; live and as VIP guests, too! So lucky~~~ That night, JKT48 performed their fifth single "Flying Get" for the first time. It was AWESOME and made us dance in our seats! Watch the fancam here:
*watch the 'whooo' part that made all them fanboys go crazy lolol*

Jess: I love goodie bags! Oh, as you can see, I was wearing this top from GOWIGASA, but it was freaking cold right there, so I changed into the free shirt inside this goodie bag (hence the first pic in this post). ^^v

In addition to the Japan Music Event, on 22 February 2014 at Balai Sarbini Jakarta, 
WAKUWAKU also presented ULTRAMAN COSMOS LIVE STAGE with live action show from Ultraman and the Kaijus (monsters) themselves!! It was unexpectedly very cool!

Jess went there and guess who the MC was? It's none other than… the famous STELLA LEE! Loll. In fact, we both wanted to come there to record her MC-ing because she's ultra silly on stage hahaha. But alas, Elle didn't make it because she was stuck with the 30-minutes-later flood. T_T

Behold Ultraman fans out there, here's our EXCLUSIVE PHOTO WITH THE ULTRAMEN!!!
Lol, seriously, all the other peeps were not allowed to take pics with these tough guys, handshake only! But thanks to our cute MC up there, we managed to take this pic~~~ XD

Camwhored on my way there:

Also camwhored with the tix inside the venue:
Anyway, you see the dad beside me? The whole show his daughters fell asleep and he was the one enjoying the show whole-heartedly. Even shouted, laughed and clapped enthusiastically during the show lol. Must be an avid Ultraman's fan since he was a kid. XD Thanks WAKUWAKU for holding such delightful events for all of us!

All in all, we're so glad with the events and we cannot wait to share with you the amazing TV programs that WAKUWAKU brings to us. Especially the doramas (J-Drama)!

Okay then, thanks for reading, please leave some comments and see you guys on our next post~ (ˆヮˆ)づ♡


February 22, 2014

3 Ways to Style a Red Button-Up Shirt

If anyone asks me what my favorite color is, my answer will be ALL THE COLORS! Seriously, there is no color I won't wear.
But I've got to say RED is one of the top three! I mean, if I'm about to go out and I have to be ready in a blink of an eye, and there are only shirts available in all the rainbow colors, I will most likely grab the red one.

So, today I will share some ideas on how to style a Red Button-Up Shirt in 3 different occasions! :D

1. It's a Date

When you are dating someone you are attracted to, especially in the early stages, you want everything goes smoothly and romantic. So why don't you start from the girl in the mirror by dressing up in the most romantic colors - red, pink and white? :)

Here I'm wearing a flirty flare skirt to add some cutesy points (hehe), and white heels to tone down the in-your-face shining red! As for the accessories, I went with a very simple necklace to keep it classy.

Ah, the red lips are optional! Some might find it too much, but it is flattering to my pale skin tone. :)

#OOTD: GOWIGASA Red Dual Pocket Sleeveless Button-Up Shirt and Soft Pink Plaid Skirt | Samantha Thavasa Bag | Sachlirene White Sky High Heels

2. Casual Encounters

The second style is for those times where you just want to dress comfortably while still looking good. It can be for having casual meet-ups with your friends or when you are running errands.

Key points: Breathable Pants + Snuggly Outerwear + Comfortable Shoes + Some eye-catching items like Red Shirt and Studded Bag + Soft Colored Lips

Tips: Don't forget to unbutton the top 1 or 2 buttons of your shirt to casual it up! :D

#OOTDGOWIGASA Red Dual Pocket Sleeveless Button-Up Shirt, Studded Tote Bag, and Denim Woven Shoes | ZARA Ripped Boyfriend Jeans | Debenhams Grey Outerwear | Sunglasses from Shibuya 109

3. Work It

I personally don't like formal working outfits, I think they look too "adult" and serious, lol. I prefer to dress up as a girl, not a woman! So, every time I'm going to a client meeting or anywhere work-related, I usually add some colors or prints to my outfits, without going overboard of course. Just like the one I posted here, I wore a red shirt but also (lots of) brown to neutralize the red tones.

Tips: Blazer will always smarten up your look, and you can also add some accessories to finish off the overall look.

#OOTDGOWIGASA Red Dual Pocket Sleeveless Button-Up Shirt, Brown High Waisted Shorts, and Brown Blazer | Charles & Keith Bag | Bruno Premi Brown Boots | Topshop Necklace

Well, I guess that's it! It's currently two in the morning as I'm typing this, so I better go to sleep now.
Btw, which one is your favorite outfit? ;)

Elissa Yamada

February 20, 2014

Ikan Bakar Cianjur Restaurant Review + FREE Membership!

Born and raised in Indonesia, I LOVE Indonesian food. There are so many varieties*, techniques and ingredients used that make Indonesian cuisine very interesting and (ahem) even some of them are often categorized into the guilty. pleasure. food list. YUM.
*we have so many islands and regions, each of which has their own cuisine more often than not
That is why, when Ikan Bakar Cianjur asked me to review their restaurant, I was psyched!!
Ikan Bakar Cianjur serves Sundanese cuisine, which is one of the most popular foods in Indonesia.

Okay, before the #foodporn starts, let me take you for a walk through this beautiful place. ♡
The humble setting (which I think) was inspired by Jakarta colonial architecture
The spacious 1st floor that can contain up to 250 people
The 2nd floor can contain up to 120 people. It boasts outdoor setting and a private room (there was an arisan in it when I was there ^^)

Perfect weather with charming set? Would be a sin not to take an outfit shot!
Daisy Daze Knit Top & Maroon Leather Skirt by GOWIGASA
Aesthetic use of Indonesian traditional decoration
I like the use of natural elements (open air water fountain, trees, plants, wood furnitures, woven blinds, etc.) combined with (Dutch-Chinese infused) Indonesian heritage collection. It gives the warm, old school Indonesian-togetherness atmosphere while the use of light colors and clean-cut furnitures keep it clean and fresh. Perfect place to gather with your family and friends. :D

Food and Beverages
Here comes the drool...
♡ Menu andalan Ikan Bakar Cianjur (IBC's main menu) ♡
First and foremost, let's start with their famous Nasi Liwet!
Sold 300 pots each day, this fragrant rice is a must have with your meal. It complements all the dishes very nicely and I think I can eat it alone because it's already very tasty on its own! The owner said that this Nasi Liwet was cooked by soaking the rice for 1-2 hours in special broth, then slowly cooked with low heat in the stove before being served with IBC's Medanese sauteed anchovies on top of it when it's done. ♡

Moving on to DELICIOUS main dishes~~~! ┌( ≧▽≦ )┘
Ayam Goreng VS Ayam Bakar (Fried VS Sweet Grilled Chicken). To me, Grilled Chicken won!!

Gurame Goreng VS Gurame Bakar (Deep Fried VS Grilled Carp / Gourami Fish). Although the Gurame Goreng was also very soft and perfectly fried (not greasy and light in texture), but being not such a big fan of fried anything (healthier choice ftw), I still preferred the Gurame Bakar! It is more fragrant, not too heavily burnt and I like the faint taste of sweet sauce seeping in the fish meat. Turns out the Gurame Bakar was gently deep fried until half done before it was grilled with IBC special sauce. Both fish were also very fresh. The tricky part of having gourami dishes is they sometimes bear unpleasant soil smell (or bau tanah, as the locals would say) but the ones served here were so fresh they did not have such problem. ^^v

Nila Pesmol how-to: Deep fry Tilapia Fish until half done, dip it into IBC Pesmol Sauce, boil it for 1 minute, then serve with sliced tomatoes, cabe rawit (green cayenne chilies) and bawang goreng (fried onions).
Now this is none other than MY FAVORITE MENU and one of the most popular choices in Ikan Bakar Cianjur: Nila Pesmol!! It was so delicious I was thinking to bring home the leftover sauce *cries*. My late grandfather (who was a proud epicurean) loved it too, he went there the next week after hearing me going there just to savor this dish. XD He even mentioned this as one of his all-time favorite Indonesian food in his journal (which Elle and I secretly read *sorry, akong!*). ^^;;
 It is without question that Tumis Kangkung (stir fried water spinach) is one of the most popular vegetable dishes in Indonesian restaurants. Now the one offered in Ikan Bakar Cianjur is slightly different than other restaurants' because they only use water spinach that is produced in Lombok (a beautiful island located next to Bali) which has superior quality (its stem is bigger and the texture is a lot crispier) to other water spinach available in town. It is then stir fried with terasi (shrimp paste), garlic and shallots to produce this aromatic, juicy Tumis Kangkung.
Another must try Indonesian dish that is often considered as a snack or appetizer is this one: Tahu Goreng Sambal Kecap a.k.a. fried tofu with sweet soy sauce mixed with shallots and chopped chilies. I can eat 10s of this and still crave for more. ...Okay this one is kinda tearing up my not-a-fan-of-fried-food integrity, but what can I do?? I love Sambal Kecap!! XD Speaking of Sambal, let's not forget these important lil fellas:
L-R: Sambal Kecap (sweet soy sauce mixed with shallots and chopped chilies) - Sambal Tomat (ground chilies with tomatoes) - Cabe Potong Jeruk Nipis (chopped fresh chili peppers with lime wedge). *drools*
Before moving on to the beverages, let's pretend we could smell this Sop Iga (Beef Rib Soup) right now *pitiful sniff* T_T. I'm glad we ordered this instead of my usual choice of Indonesian soup Sayur Asem, because it was SO GOOD and rich in taste. The ribs meat was so tender and juicy and turns out, it was slow-cooked with natural spices for 2-3 freaking hours!! It was then served with fried onions spread all over the soup. The soup itself was very savory and delicious. I loved sipping it in between my meal. :9
My beverage of choice: Fresh Imported Carrot Juice. Loved it, ordered two of it (yes, I drink a lot). ^^
L-R clockwise: Es Campur Tempo Doeloe, Es Cianjur, Es Shanghai
These are some of the most famous Indonesian refreshing iced drinks. Locals often view them as dessert. They are basically grated / shaved ice dressed in various toppings and drenched in syrups or santan (coconut milk) or susu kental manis (sweetened condensed milk) or some of them. ^^ The toppings could be fruits (coconuts, avocados, raisins, longans, pineapples, lychees, cherries, etc), jellies, chocolate sticks, ketan hitam (black glutinous rice), tape (fermented cassava), etc.

My favorite would be the one with Tape / Kismis / Avocado in it. So, Es Campur Tempo Doeloe it is! ;D
Es Kelapa Muda (Young Coconut Iced Drink) served in super cute coconut mug! :3 ♡
And... Last but not least, there was this Indonesian traditional hot drink that goes by the name Bandrek. It was made of ginger, milk, and served with young coconut cuts. I knowww it tastes best at chilly or rainy days, but I couldn't resist to try it there and then. Lucky me, it was as good. ;D

I had a very pleasant lunch at Ikan Bakar Cianjur. There are plenty of options in the menu, whether you eat in group or alone, you'd find something suitable for your palate. Price is between IDR 10,000 - 20,000 for side dish, IDR 45,000 - 70,000 for main course and IDR 5,000 - 20,000 for drink. Do note that you get Free Sambal and Free mineral water for every meal. They accept credit and debit cards aside from cash. The spacious place is children-friendly so it is more likely a family restaurant, especially on weekends. But office workers, couples, old and young communities are also daily part of the crowd. Parking lot is huge and can contain up to 40 cars. The restaurant is located on a main street and is already on foursquare, so it is easy to find using apps like Waze or Google Maps.

To sum up, here's my personal rating of this restaurant:
Food • 8.8 /10 (quality, taste, variety)
Service • 8.5 /10 (product knowledge, speed, etiquette)
Place • 8 /10 (hygiene, location, atmosphere)

Now, now. The fun is not over yet.

So you, my dear readers (yes, you! ^^), are about to get...

FREE IBC Member Card*!!!
(\(◦ˆ ó ˆ◦)/) (\(◦ˆ ó ˆ◦)/) (\(◦ˆ ó ˆ◦)/)
Ikan Bakar Cianjur Member Card Benefits:
1. Enjoy 15% Discount on all food & beverage
2. Member Card can be used at all IBC outlets
3. Member Card fee is IDR 100,000 but there's an exception for ellejess.com loyal readers:
All you need to do is to come by Ikan Bakar Cianjur restaurant (you can pick any of these 20 outlets all over Indonesia), dine in for IDR 50,000 (USD 4) only and show this post (http://bit.ly/ibcreview) to the crew to get a Free IBC Member Card that can be used on the very same day.

That's it?? YES. Crazy eazy, right?????

Just order something worth IDR 50,000, show this post and GET FREE MEMBER CARD!! (≧▽≦)づ♡
Very good deal only at ellejess.com LOLOL
*Hurry up cuz this promotion is valid until 31 August 2014 only, while stocks last! ;D

Ah, almost forgot to mention. I came here on a Sunday afternoon and the place was all packed like this:
So if you're planning to come here on busy hours, you might wanna make a reservation first. :D Ikan Bakar Cianjur has a total of 20 outlets in Indonesia, and the one I'm reviewing here is the Alam Sutera branch:

Ikan Bakar Cianjur - Alam Sutera
Jl Alam Sutera Utama Kav.20, Alam Sutera, Serpong, Tangerang
T. +6221 2921 1600 | Opening hours: 10.00 - 22.00

Okay then, hope you guys enjoy the post and take advantage of the FREE IBC Member Card privilege when you get to try this awesome restaurant! Don't forget to leave some comments and see you guys on my next post~ (ˆヮˆ)づ♡
Jessica Yamada