September 02, 2011

Back to School

So often I wish I went to school where I could wear whatever I wanted. Most schools in Indonesia (including mine) require their students to wear uniform. I personally think that wearing a uniform is a ridiculous rule because it limits students' self-expression and not everybody is comfortable with their school's uniform.

Fyi, I went to school where the female students had to wear a 5cm-below-the-knees skirt uniform (min.) and it must be worn with black shoes that are 'specially' manufactured by them -horribly. We were also not allowed to dye our hair, wear accessories (even small earrings would be confiscated by those killer teachers), make-up, or even colored soft-lenses.

There were so many ridiculous rules that made me hated my school, but when I think about them now, they're kind of funny. After all it was the place where I found my best friends. :)

*Outfit: Bershka Top / Unbranded Jumpsuit / Urban Outfitters Bag / GOWIGASA Belt / JC Lana Shoes


  1. too cute <3 love the top so much!
    my school had a ridiculous rules like your school too, too lazy to wear shoes from them, thank God I'm graduated now :)

    Have a nice day!
    Addictos de La Moda

  2. You are so prettyy !!!
    I love your shoes *_*

  3. If they allowed you to dress like that..all the boys 100% guaranteed won't be able to pay attention to the lesson...haha they would rather look at u than the blackboard hehe

  4. Love your outfit! SO cuteeeee~~ and those heels ;3; are crazy!! Love itttt

  5. so cuteee.. love the boots and bag! i adore your hairstyle.. looks messy but still beautiful :D

  6. I'm really in love with the fourth and the last photos! so adorable! :D
    btw, what is the color of your hair, c? I'm always curious when I look at it, but always forget to ask you. :p thanks before.

  7. Bener2 kodakjenik nih bedua ... cantik2 !!! :-D

  8. ... That school sounds like Sanur very much.

  9. you look like an elementary school girl... nice though

  10. cici alumni Sanur kah? that school sounds Sanur berry much :p

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