April 05, 2015

Strawberry Picking in Enzan | Winter in Japan | Tokyo Rail Days

We were very excited for the 4th day of our Tokyo Rail Days trip because it was strawberry picking (and TASTING) day!! We've heard so many great things about Japanese strawberries and we've also tried the ones they sell in the convenience stores (which are great btw), BUT the Jap told us that the BESTEST Strawberries reside in Enzan city, Yamanashi Prefecture!

So, to Enzan city WE GO!
We departed from Shinjuku station to Enzan station by limited express train (Azusa/Kaiji) and the trip took approximately 1.5 hour (nap time!) ^^

↑ Click to play the video 

Arrived in Enzan city, we were picked up by a mini bus and dropped off at the strawberry farm,
The banner says "Ichigo" -means Strawberry :)
Once we stepped into the farm, there was this lovely lady who greeted us and gave each one of us a small container with sweetened condensed milk inside. Felt warm instantlyand literally! The cold air from the outside couldn't get in, so we took off all our coats.
↑ The empty space was for all the strawberries we were going to pick. :D
TADAAAHHH! You can pick and eat strawberries as much as you can in this strawberry heaven for about 40 minutes!
It's like they are calling you with their twigs, isn't it?
"Won't you come over baby? We can shake, shake, shake. "
Step-by-step Strawberry Picking:
1. Turn them upside down, and then pluck them down.
2. You can eat them right away, because they are already SO sweet just the way they are.
3. Or, you can also dip them in the sweetened condensed milk.

Strawberry picking tips: Select the fully red berries as they are the completely ripe ones.

How was it?
It was sooo heavenly good! Literally the SWEETEST, FRESHEST, JUICIEST, and MOST DELICATE ichigo we've ever tasted omg!! You guys should really, really try it!
↑ Click to play the video 

Now it's... PHOTO TIME!
Ohana :)
"Place as many strawberries as possible in the container!" lol
Our little brother aka personal photographer, and no, we have no idea what's the purpose of his face right there.
With Yenny Kartika Sari, Managing Editor of GoGirl! Magazine.
With Media Friesna, Fashion Stylist of GoGirl! Magazine.
Lucky to have shared this experience with these inspiring women. :)
"Look at the size!"
Oh by the way, in case you're wondering how these strawberries were "born" and can be that delicious, the answer is... HONEY BEES! They pollinate the strawberry flowers as you can see in these above and below pictures.
From flowers to fruits (right to left #japaneseway):
YUP, strawberries start their lifecycle as flowers! Surprise! 
So, is strawberry considered a flower or a fruit?
Right before we left the farm, Media found this odd, square strawberry! Hahah, hope it doesn't get bullied by the other normal-looking strawberries!

A plantation where you can enjoy seasonal fruit picking such as strawberry, cherry, peach and grapes.

Note: Strawberry picking is seasonal (early February to early May) and based on availability. So you better be hurry or you'll have to wait til next year.

After farm session, we were picked up by a mini bus again to go to lunch.
The gorgeous scenery along the way.
After about 10-minute ride, we've reached our destination:
Lol, the quality difference between DSLR () and phone camera ().
Wood wall
"Stop taking photos, let's eat!"
Jess' #OOTD: Uniqlo Heat Tech | GOWIGASA Polkadot Sweater and Feline Bow Midi Skirt (Mint) | Pull&Bear Brown Boots
What's unique about this restaurant is they only serve 1 (ONE) dish: HOUTOU (ほうとう). It's a popular local food from Yamanashi.
Jess said this is the BEST MEAL during this whole trip! The soup is pumpkin soup so maybe that's why, because she loves pumpkin soup so much. ^^  It is served hot and kept hot with that stone pot, so it's really suitable for the freezing weather. The noodle, the vegetables, everything inside this pot taste really fresh and delicious! Jess said this is one of the meals which can make her come back just for the sake of it.
Lunch with a view
Enjoying Enzan's scenery and chilly air before going back to the train station.
Elle's #OOTD: Mom's Smiley Sweater | GOWIGASA Boston Plaid Skirt | Pull&Bear Thigh High Boots | Madewell Leather Bucket Bag | Hat from Japan
Oh ya, you will have to walk to the train station, but worry not! You will be accompanied by beautiful nature views. :)
Very Japanese/Korean drama-ish right? xD

How To Get There

1. Go to Tokyo Rail Days' website here
2. Choose the tour that you're interested in (Sakura / Strawberry Pickings / Skiing / etc).
Complete information about the price and itinerary details is right there on the website.
You can also choose the day and time. So practical!
3. Contact one of the travel agents that are listed below the page to arrange the tour.
They can also rent you a portable wifi, how convenient is that?
4. Make the payment
5. Train tickets and information about the trip will be sent to your hotel in Japan

Tokyo Rail Days' PLUS POINTS

1. You're going to travel by train a comfortable one, really!
2. All the tickets, informations and guidance is prepared by them, no need to hire a costly tour guide
3. Everything is customized to your budget and schedule

P.S. The tour and ticket prices are very low because they're special price for tourists. If Japanese themselves want to go, they cannot get this price. ^^;

- - - Tokyo Rail Days - - -
Website: bit.ly/jprail
Facebook: bit.ly/trdfb03

We sincerely hope that you get to experience this wonderful trip for yourself, and better yet, with your family! :)



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