November 22, 2012

Elle's Japan Outfit #1

Hi guys!!
Finally this blog is alive again, hehe.. We hope you've been doing well!! X
Honestly we are a bit confused as to what we have to blog first about our Japan trip, because we took like thousands of photos and we haven't decided yet how are we going to post them in this blog (in chronological order or per-activity or maybe every place we visited deserves its own blog post? hmm...)

That being said, I think I am going to post every outfit I wore in Japan in separate blog entries (like this one).
However I didn't get a chance to snap pictures for each outfit due to many different conditions, e.g. forgot to bring my camera, was in a hurry, it was already night time (I'm not a fan of camera flash), was too busy enjoying every bit of Japan that I forgot to take any photos, etc etc.

SO, for that forgotten outfits I'm going to take the photos in Jakarta!!! (no yay? okay...)

About this outfit:
☺ I wore it when we went to Shibuya 109 for the second time and Akihabara (Anime slash geek heaven).

☺ The location of this shoot is near our 4th hotel (Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku) before we took off to the train station.

☺ Actually I put on my black coat over my outfit when I was going out because the weather was freaking cold outside. And if you noticed, I also wore nude stockings to cover my legs. 

☺ Top, black leather skirt, skull studded bag from GOWIGASA // Rivet denim jacket from Romwe // Boots from Japan // Socks from Uniqlo.

GOWIGASA updates:
We will upload our new arrivals as soon as possible (sorry to have kept you waiting!). The photoshoot hopefully can be done this week. Please follow our Twitter and Instagram (@gowigasa) to keep updated! :)♥


  1. OMG JAPAN. I can't express how jealous I am! :p So did you join a tour? Or did you explore Japan at your own will? Wearing stockings is an awesome idea! Will probably wear those to my trip to Europe on December :D

    Can't wait for the new arrivals, ci elle! ;) particularly the cat stockings<3

  2. the man was looking at you at the first pic. haha so pretty love your outfit

  3. ceee elle, you look so pretty! i wish i can go to japan too :D

  4. really loving your outfit! it's really adorable and so cool!
    well, it's nice to knowing that you have a great time in japan, envy you much :)


  5. COOL! Elle you're so gorgeous in that outfit.
    Looks casual & comfortable, yet still amazingly pretty!
    I love your outfit <3

    Amour de ma vie

  6. u look really stunning ci! loving the denim jacket :)

  7. super cool outfit!
    love the skirt, the top, the studded denim jacket, everything!!


  8. you really look like Japanese girl ❤
    super prettyyyy !
    love your skirt and your top :D
    really adorable

  9. love your outfit...
    i was wearing Gowigasa's Studed Clutch in my new post!
    you can check my blog..


  10. Yeay for that leather skirt on new arrival. And i really envy you and Jess for going to Japan..>:3
    btw, i will go to Japan too next year and i really want to ask you and Jess about some detailed things, since Jess answered my comment in instagram that you guys didn't join tour for these holiday to Japan..Is that okay? :) should i just send some email to your contact provided by this blog? :)

    i hope the new arrival will be (early) december, so i will have more money to spend...:P

    come and visit me too if you have time..

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  12. been waiting for gowigasa's new arrivals <3
    lovin your jacket! you look so fierce yet sweet at the same time;)

  13. you look adorable! as always!
    love the top and your boots ci elle~ <3

  14. Love your Boy Printed top and your boots <333

  15. You look gooood! Love the outfit, hair and photos ;D

  16. omg !!! im super duper jealous !!!!!!!!!! my dream is visiting japan someday asdfghjkl ! you look stunning ci elle ! :D can't wait for gowigasa new arrivals ! yaay :D

  17. Must be nice! I went last Lebaran holiday and I missed it already! You look adorable as always ci xx

  18. do you realise someone steal a glance on ya ? (1st photo)
    hihi :D
    love the outer and leather skirt so badly

  19. Fierce Fierce Fierce...I love this outfit :)

    xx, V

    and also i love evrything!
    you;re too pretty and too adorable to be true
    you're every girl wanna be ;)

  21. I envy your hair x3 and the bag and the stop is so cool!
    so how's the street style there?


  22. SUPERLOVE! These looks are really put-together, and looking good in Japan!

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  23. your denim jacket is awesome,but actually I like everything with studs :)

  24. truly lovely blog, I'm always sooo happy to find new things on the web that inspiers me as much as this blog do. :) xx

  25. cant wait for your next post <3 you have such a lovely time in japan
    visit my blog if you dont mind

    grace| new blog post

  26. love the skirt and jacket! cant wait for it to arrive at Gowigasa! you look stunning w your new hair xx

    Letters To Juliet

  27. ahhh u look so adorable. cool!
    enjoy your time in japan :)

  28. love your bag and shoesssss >.<
    can't wait for your new collection :)

  29. love your outfit!! where do you buy the nude stocking? i want to buy it as well for my japan winter trip. Thank you :)

  30. love your outfit!! where do you buy the nude stocking? i want to buy it as well for my japan winter trip. Thank you :)

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