August 29, 2014

Liese Creamy Beige Bubble Hair Color Review

Hi everyone! To some of you, this might be a #firstworldproblem, but well, my black roots were showing up, I didn't have time to go to the salon for a touch up and the next morning I had to get early for a photoshoot (fwp much? ^^;). So what I did was: ran to the nearest Guardian, grabbed a bottle of do dye-it-yourself hair coloring kit, went back to the hotel and did this:
( ̄▽ ̄)

Okay, here's a close up look to my black roots:
I asked around if they notice it and everyone said no. But I DID notice it, so I decided to take action anyway yeah!!

I just retouched my roots / did a full hair coloring last month (blogged about it here) and so it seems like apparently, my hair grows about 1 to 1,5 cm monthly. ^^v

Product of choice:

Liese Bubble Hair Color - Creamy Beige

What's in the box: Solution 1, Solution 2 (Developer), Rinse-off Hair Treatment, Foamer Cap, 1 pair of Gloves and Instruction Sheets.

Packaging side A consists cautions and ingredients. Click right and open this image in new tab for closer look (to read the text).

Packaging side B consists direction of use, color guide / color swatch (how it would look like on dark to very light hair). Click right and open this image in new tab for closer look (to read the text).

 Caution for use page, what to prepare before you start with this kit. This page, especially the right part, is quite important because it tells you the DO's and DON'Ts like 'only use on DRY hair', etc. so you really have to read it before you start, okay? ;)
Click right and open this image in new tab for closer look (to read the text).

How to use page. Click right and open this image in new tab for closer look (to read the text).

Ready?? GO!

Step 01
Remove the white lid of Solution 2 and pour the entire content of Solution 1 into the bottle of Solution 2. Close the white lid again.

Step 02
        Tighten the white lid and gently invert the bottle back and forth at a 180-degree angle until solution is well mixed (repeat approximately 5 times). Do not shake vigorously. It will cause bubbles to form inside the bottle and may not dispense as foam.

Step 03
Comb your hair before coloring as hair sometimes become tangled.

Step 04
Part hair at the top of the head.

Step 05
Remove the white lid from the bottle and replace with the pink foamer cap. Twist it until it is tightly sealed. Put on the gloves. Hold container in an upright position, gently squeeze the center of the bottle and dispense foam onto gloved hand.

Step 06
Apply generous amount of foam into hair, starting at the roots to the tips / ends of your hair. Do not apply foam directly from the bottle. Foam may splatter or get into your eyes.

Step 07
Massage lather gently into hair so that it reaches all the way to the roots. Lather up well until the back and inner layers are covered. To get an even finish, massage it into a foamy lather. Add more foam around the hairline as foam tends to absorb quickly and disappear around those areas. Then lather up once more.

Step 08
After hair is completely covered with foam, leave it on for 20-30 minutes. So I took a bubble bath instead. ;)
Waiting has never been so fun!

Step 09
After leaving foam on for the stipulated amount of time, rinse and shampoo as usual. At last, apply the enclosed Rinse-off Treatment* and rinse well.
*After re-reading the instruction sheet and packaging and googling around, I didn't find the exact instruction of where to use this product. So I decided to apply this treatment only on my hair, avoiding the scalp because I'm afraid this Rinse-off Treatment works like a Conditioner, because if it is, it would make my scalp greasy (conditioner is meant to be worn on hair, not on scalp).

Result & Review

TADAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Good bye black roots, hello, gorgeous, evenly applied color!

Overall, here's my review about Liese Bubble Hair Color in Creamy Beige:
(+) Nice and instant result!
(+) Super easy, fast and fun application
(+) Very cheap compared to coloring your hair in the salon (price is around USD 15-19 / IDR 150-200k)
(+) Scent doesn't sting a lot like some other colorants
(+) Doesn't hurt my scalp
(+) Doesn't dry out my hair
(+) Instruction sheet comes in both Japanese and English!

(-) Contains Ammonia
(-) Instruction sheet is really helpful, but some points are mentioned repeatedly so it becomes wordy and a bit inefficient
(-) Well, you have to do it yourself ^^//

Okay then, thanks a lot for reading and see you guys on my next post! ˆ)づ♡

Jessica Yamada


  1. will try it soon! thanks for the review Jess! xoxo

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  2. wah kebetulan banget ci aku juga barusan beli cat rambut yang kaya gt juga soalnya gak sempet kesalon.
    sangat membantu reviewnya.

    Thank you so much ^^

    1. klo blh tau dmna yah biasanya jual cat rambut kayak gitu ?? thx :)

  3. Nice hair!!! Thanks for the review. Been thinking to dye my hair without going to salon^^

  4. Hoah it produced so much foam *-*
    Unforunately Guardian(s) in Surabaya seem haven't carry Liese yet T.T
    Did you only need 1 box for your long hair, ci?
    You're still so gorgeous even with very minimal makeup ci *-* im so jelly lol

    ★ ★

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  5. Love your new hair color! I've been trying DIY-ing my hair color, but the result never turn out really great. That's why I was so excited the first time I see your photos on IG. Maybe I should try this product haha XD

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room
    Follow the blog on Bloglovin

  6. the color looks lovely! <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  7. It came out amazing. Love the hair color on you.

  8. So amazing and gorgeous ��

  9. The color is perfect for you. Thank you for the tips. Saving this on my shopping list ;)

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  11. Your hair is so pretty, the color comes out nicely :)
    I've tried Hair Bubble from Etude, but after I read your review i think Liese's is nicer *oops*, and i'm going to buy and try it asap :D

  12. Wow! I really love your blog! The outcome looks great on you. You look like one of those Palty models actually. �� I also love the hair color in the before pictures. I would love to know what color you used. Thank you!
    Regards from US

  13. Lovely hair. love the color so much

  14. Hi, may I know if u can wash your hair with shampoo directly after u rinse off the bubble dye? Or do you have to wait? :) Thank you!

  15. What dye colour did you use before this?

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