May 06, 2011

I may be rude, but I'm the truth

ZARA bag and Chiffle cardi from GOWIGASA

LOLA Boots from June+Julia


"You cannot not love a person once you know their stories."

So, before you judge someone, find out more about the person and the situation first, because you most likely have no idea what is going on and would probably change your view afterward.


  1. ohmy is this title made to reflect back to the last post?

    I love your outfit! the lola boots are pretty!


  2. hi! :)
    I loved this post by the way I loved your blog goes well
    We also follow:

  3. I can't say another word to describe this outfit except PRETTY!! <33
    I love your june+julia boots so much ci El, itu dipake berat gk? :)

  4. I just found your blog. I am so so happy!
    The outfit postings are stunning, and so inspirational. Call me your newest follower ^.^

    here's a cheeeeeky smile for you

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  5. you are gorgeous! and that color palette of your outfit is really beautiful ci :D

  6. waw those,love,love it!! :D
    btw, di pake berat ngga sih ci elle?
    dipake enak kan yang ini atau yang Febrina Suede Heels. sorry if I ask a lot. ;P


  7. I love the outfit! And I have been planning on getting those shoes and I was wondering if you got the regular height or did you make a custom height?! And are they comfy?!

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