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December 28, 2016

How Well Do We Know Each Other? (Challenge) | Elle&Jess


We are sisters who have been living together for more than 20 years, but do we really know each other? It's time to find out! ;)

Click to watch:

We had lots of fun filming and editing this video, so we hope you'll enjoy it!
Any suggestions are welcome!

Love you and happy holidays, guys! :)


July 01, 2016

Elle's Aegyo Sal (Eye Smile) Tutorial

Hi everyone!
Aegyo Sal or Eye Smile has been an essential part of my eye makeup routine since 2013, so I thought I’d share my way to do it! I love Aegyo Sal because it can make you look more youthful and your eye appear bigger :)

Enjoy this 3-Step Tutorial and don't forget to watch 'til the end for the bloopers!

December 01, 2015

Elle & Jess Do The Pocky Sharehappi Dance for Pocky Day!

Hello everyone!
If you were wondering what our last Japan trip was all about, the answer is in this post: Yep, we were invited by Glico to get to know their brand better, especially POCKY!

We're pretty sure you're familiar with Pocky since it's basically everywhere since we were kids, but in case you don't, it's a delicious Japanese biscuit brand that has a wide range of flavours, from chocolate to green tea to grape! (Please bring more flavours to Indonesia xD)

And one of the things that we found out during our trip was...
POCKY has its own day!!
November 11th

Why November 11th? Because 11-11 looks like four Pocky sticks standing in a line! ^^

What surprised us more was that SO many people celebrate it! It shows just how loved the brand is in Japan. To give you a glimpse of the celebration, we visited this prestigious university in Shinjuku called Waseda University. They decorated the convenience store inside the building to look like this:

Greeted by this big display full of Pocky at the entrance:

Actually Pocky has to share this day with his brother too, PRETZ, which is more to savoury flavour rather than sweet.

In addition to the vibrant decoration, they also lowered down the price so more people can celebrate Pocky Day and share the happiness!
♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

Jeng jeng! They even prepared a simple PHOTO BOOTH in front of the store along with some props, like wigs, sunglasses, and... Pocky balloons!!

The Glico team told us that other universities which have convenience stores also celebrated Pocky Day just like Waseda, because so many students would buy Pocky on that day, hence more profit for the stores! ^^

Besides universities, big supermarkets (like Carrefour in Indonesia) also joined the hype by having a special corner for Pocky:
(Sorry for the photo quality! It's from our Snapchat ^^)

Ok finally! The peak of the celebration!
Oh wait, maybe we should introduce these guys first:
Pocky has always been collaborating with popular celebrities and this time is this trio from the famous Japanese supergroup, EXILE TRIBE: Naoki Kobayashi, Takanori Iwata and Hiroomi Tosaka.

Not only they modeled for Pocky, they also created this super catchy song and dance:
↑ Love how the audience dance enthusiastically along with them! 

And, aaand, for the peak celebration of Pocky Day, Glico held a

We just have to copy the dance or modify it in our own creative ways and then submit it to Glico website.

Here's a screenshot of some of the contestants! More than 1,000 joined omg!!

If we haven't mentioned it before, Japanese people LOVE to celebratefrom Halloween to traditional festivals! And that's one of the things we love about them! It is commonly said that you will always find a festival somewhere in Japan.

So, in order to show our love for Japan and Pocky, we decided to make a video compilation of our (awkward) Pocky/Sharehappi dance at various places in Tokyo and Osaka that we visited:

Haha please don't judge us.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of information on Pocky, Japanese culture, and our latest trip to Japan :)
See you guys on our next post!

April 10, 2015

Head Scarf / Scarf Headband Tutorial

Hi guys!

If you've ever got bored with your hair or you just want to hippie-up your outfit, you might want to try this easy and simple trick:

♡ Head Scarf / Scarf Headband 

I've loved this look since I first saw it on one of my favourite style icons, Nicole Richie. :)

Play this video to learn how to do it (1st hairstyle):
Oh yeah, it's really great for a bad hair day too!

#OOTD: Debenhams Scarf | Topshop Lace Bralette | GOWIGASA Sugababes Pleated Maxi Skirt | Forever21 Mint Purse | Pour La Victoire Gia Ankle Strap Pumps c/o Shopbop
Many of you seem to like these shoes, and I can tell you that they are very very comfortable and easy to mix&match. :D


November 14, 2014

The JOKER Makeup Tutorial (EASY!)

 So, my first ever makeup tutorial happens to be my first time celebrating Halloween, heheh..
Well, actually not "celebrating" per se because I didn't go to any Halloween party, but for me, who has never done something Halloween-ny (I just don't like to participate in most things), doing this kind of makeup is kinda is! :"D

Watch the video ↑ to see the step-by-step tutorial and how easy it is! All the products I used are in the description box of the video.

My favourite part of this makeup: The Joker's scars!
 Ok, here's my costume!!! Hahahha so lame I know, but I just couldn't find a green vest and purple suit in such short time! #poorplanning

So instead, I went for this much easier and more convenient outfit. I thought I could just put on my white lab coat from my school days:
The late Heath Ledger as the Joker in 2008's "The Dark Knight".
But turns out my lab coat went missing! Been forever in my closet but the second I needed it, it's gone. Classic. So I ended up borrowing my cousin's who goes to the same school as me! Thank you, Yin/Thien!  
My full costume! ps. I wore white shorts underneath.
I decided to cover up the school logo with my 'Dent' name tag which I bought from Gramedia Book Store for about IDR 10,000 only! 
In case you didn't know, this Halloween getup is actually a collaboration with Stella Lee! And just like our first collab (Christmas collab in 2013), this was also an impromptu session ^^
 Too bad Jess got work to do, so she couldn't join us this time! boohoo.
 Go to Stella's blog to see her makeup tutorial! Eh, she's currently in Japan though, so I guess she will post it when she's back in town. :)
#OOTD ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Last snaps!!
What is Joker without bright and playful colours? ;)
Forget purple suit, I had purple nails!
Going to end this post with my favourite quote from Joker:

Happy belated Halloween everyone and I hope I put a "smile" on your face with my tutorial video! :D

Elissa Yamada

September 17, 2014

[VIDEO] Bolu Goes Meow + Bonus Facts About Her!

Our lovely Scottish Fold Cat PRINCESS BOLU has decided to speak with her tiny, soft voice…to the camera. Because this is her first appearance on Youtube, I decided to mention some facts about her, too! Click play to watch the video or click this link:

Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed the video and if you do, you can:
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Necklace - Forever21



Okay then, thanks a lot for watching and see you guys on my next post! ˆ)づ♡

Jessica Yamada

February 14, 2014

Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty Store (Kiddy Land, Japan) GIVEAWAY!

I've actually blogged about Kiddy Land before (click here if you haven't read), but today I'm going to place the focus on Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma sections because I've noticed that many of you love them so much seeing how you guys reacted on my InstaVideos about the stores, so I thought they deserve more detailed coverage! XD

 Here's the pic of Kiddy Land that I took when I went there in October 2012! It's been my favorite place to buy souvenirs for my family and friends :)

Before we get to today's main stars, you might wonder whom you might bump into there! ;)

1. Studio Ghibli and Disney's characters on the 2nd Floor:
Tonari no Totoro~
The Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro :D
Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service!
 The cutest tape-dispenser everrr!!
 Jess with Donald and Totoro <3

2. Action Figures on the 3rd Floor:
This Iron Man phone case is freaking cool!! Too bad it's for iPhone 5 only! T____T 

You can also meet LINE characters and Pullip dolls on the 1st floor! :D

Finally, on the 4th Floor:
Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma Store!!!

They carry almost everything related to the characters, from dolls to doormat to clothes to kitchen supplies!!
Although I think it's safe to say that Rilakkuma section is more complete than Hello Kitty. Maybe because there is also a Hello Kitty store at Tokyo Solamachi?

Anyway, watch this video to take a tour to the stores and see how adorable they are ^^ :

There's also a small section for Little Twin Stars characters like these super fluffy pastel Unicorn plushiesss! :)


What I Wore: '12' Sweater, Red Plaid Shirt, Sunglasses and Cross Necklace bought from Shibuya 109 | 'MEOW' Snapback and Denim Flare Skirt from GOWIGASA | Black Leather Boots from Japan (my favorite boots!!)

Took this photo at Dog Run - Shiba Park (芝公園 ドッグラン) near our hotel. I really love this park! So peaceful, beautiful scenery, and lots of cats and dogs (both pet and stray ones) playing here. 

G I V E A W A Y 

2 lucky winners will walk away with one of these kawaii gifts from Kiddy Land each:

And 5 lucky winners will walk away with this ultra cute Rilakkuma coaster each:

Simple rules to join:
1. Follow our blog via Google Friends Connect
2. Leave a comment below saying what's your favorite item from Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty Store (YouTube) VIDEO above + your email address
(e.g. My favorite item from Rilakkuma is the Hair Tie and from Hello Kitty section, I love the Kettle the most! -

♥ The giveaway ends on Feb 28, 2014 at 23.59 WIB (GMT+7 Jakarta time zone).
♥ Winners will be randomly selected and we will announce their names on our first blogpost in March 2014.
♥ This giveaway is open to Indonesian residents only.
♥ The prize will be delivered to each winners' address (we will take care of the shipping charge).

G O O D L U C K 

Don't forget to visit Kiddy Land if you go to Japan! :)

KIDDY LAND Information

6-1-9 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Monday~Friday:[Open] 11:00-21:00,
Saturday, Sunday, and holiday:[Open] 10:30-21:00


Credit Cards 


Elissa Yamada