May 07, 2014

Orange! Feat. Etude House Play Nail Polish Review


Today's outfit post features colorful outfit from GOWIGASA and (also) colorful nail polishes from Etude House

Sorry for lack of decent pictures of my manicure. Being unable to paint my right hands right, I ran to a cheap nail parlour nearby and ended up with THIS ugly manicure, which I couldn't possibly remove because it was already 9 PM by the time it was finished and I had a morning flight the next day and I needed to take pictures of this post right there right then. Come to think about it, it was all my stinginess' fault for not going to a better nail parlour, not to mention my bad time management for leaving everything to the last minute. Ah………. T_T

I'm making up for that with my pretty decent pedicure here. Not bad, huh? ;D
Loving my candy colored pastel nails!

Overall, Etude House Play Nail Polish has nice consistency, colors pop out nicely and I just needed to swipe twice to get the stronger coat, whereas the colors have appeared at the first swipe. I added a coat of glossy finish top coat with quick-dry effect and my nails went dry very fast and lasted that way for two whole weeks. It also happens to have 130 friggin shades to choose from!! XD
Yea that's a lot of nail polishes! XD

To complement my colorful nails, I put on neon colored tied-up button down shirt and a pastel colored flare skirt; both of lightweight materials to tackle the humid, hot weather in sunny Bali. I combined them with my navy striped bikini (forgot where I got it from) which nicely matched my striped sunnies ^^.

Okay then, thank you so much for reading and see you guys on my next post~ (ˆˆ)づ♡

Jessica Yamada


  1. cute look as always, the colors look fresh!

  2. manicurenya ga ugly kok jess..


  3. You are so adorable as always! Love the color combination :) x

  4. the pastel colors nailpolish are adorable! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  5. Pretty as always, Jess. Ah, postingannya sukses bikin aku mau cek koleksi nail polishesnya. Warnanya lucu2 banget :) xx

  6. I have some of those nail polish too! ^^ the pastel color are really pretty. You should try the glittery too, they're fabulous~

  7. amazing outfit, the color matches perfectly

  8. Kode nail polish nya blh tau ga say? Look very pretty!

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