June 24, 2014

Elle's Loose Curls with a Hair Straightener Tutorial

It's been highly requested, and it's finally here...

My "Loose Curls Hair Tutorial"! :D

So, without any further ado, please watch the video below for the step-by-step guide and some tips:

 The final result:

This is how I usually do my hair. If you find my wavy hair that you saw on my Instagram or anywhere else interesting, you might want to watch the video above to learn how to do it yourself! :)
I find this method to be the easiest and most convenient way to achieve that kind of curls. And quickest too (takes me about 10-15mins to get the final result)!

Anyway, I'm sorry I forgot to mention on the video that you have to make sure your hair is DRY before you curl it.

☻ I learned this technique from YouTube too!
☻ My natural hair state is straight (as you can see in the video), so this wavy hair REALLY helps to add volume to my otherwise flat hair. Love it!
☻ I actually made this video 2 months ago and planned to publish it on my birthday, but unfortunately the video quality degraded somehow after my brother edited it using Adobe After Effects. We couldn't find the problem and I was very upset, I thought it couldn't be saved and I had to record a new video (T_T). Finally, last week, I went to my best friend's house (Rudy), and I brought up this issue. He said, "It's hard to explain right now, just bring the files tomorrow and let me find out the problem."
So, the next day, I gave the files to him and 10mins later..... the problem was SOLVED!! He said it had something to do with the Codec lol. I was sooooo relieved and happy, if you're reading this, thank you Femaooo!!! 

And girlsss, thank you so much for your patience, I hope you enjoy my very first hair tutorial and can learn something from it. :)

If you have any requests or questions, please comment down below, or on the video! xx

Elissa Yamada


  1. hi ci, i mau tny gimana crny biar bs tahan kyk bgitu seharian? rambut i cpet banget lost nih

    1. Paling puter catokannya pelan2 aja biar hasilnya nggak gitu loose dan lebih tahan lama. Atau semprot hairspray juga boleh :)

  2. keren ci postingnya yang paling di tunggu"

    1. sama" ci I love your blog ^^
      ci font yang di foto paling atas pake font apa ya kalo boleh tau hehehe

  3. Cici biasa pakai hairspray brand ap yang bgus? Recommend dong, youre so pretty and kind, sory ci pake anon ga pny account hehhe

  4. Ci elle di video lipstickny oh lala bukan? Thankyou

  5. You look amazing. Unfortunately my hair is the other way. Curly as hell. lol.


  6. suka bangeet video nya
    oya mau nanya..
    pakai hairspray apa ya yang bisa buat tahan curl seharian ?


  7. cc bagus banget rambutnyaaa >___<
    Rambutku kalo di curl itu, selalu aja curlnya cuma tahan bbrp jam T___T
    nice tutorial ci! <3

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  8. Hi Elle and Jess, I have been following your blog, but only had time to catch up with it now, and I noticed you updated the appearance. Loving the new font! May I know what type of font you used as your blog title? thanks, x! :)

  9. Finally ciiii, thanks for share it ^^ You're so kind ci Elle :)


  10. you look so pretty! bagus bgt rambutnya! keep the good things up, looking forward to your next post anyway :)


  11. Your hair is amazing, thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try this :)


  12. You look really pretty with your hair like this. Love the pictures so much. Your style is gorgeous :) read more

  13. just gorgeous! do you have a video on how to do you 'signature makeup look' ?? :D

  14. Kalau boleh tau catokan yg kamu pake merk apa ya? :)

  15. What a superb tutorial! I can’t believe that you made such perfect curls using a flat iron. Great work dear! I’ll also try this hair style. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial!

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