September 21, 2014

DIY Fashion Projects with Paper

What do you love to do in your free time?
Hang out with friends? Sleep? Work out?

As for us, we used to love doing some Do-It-Yourself project when we were kids, and mostly Fashion accessories! I wonder when and why we stopped doing that, because It was really fun, y'know, just locking ourselves in our room prepared with food and drinks, and then start braiding some bracelets or necklaces! :D

Finally, there is a chance for us to rediscover the joy we had in DIY! Canon is organizing a DIY contest for everyone who loves to express their creativity through fashion called Paper Runway!!

Recreate fashion accessories, with paper, patterns and colours printed with a Canon PIXMA printer!

If you love creating fashion stuff, then you should join this contest to have some fun and get a chance to win amazing prizes! :D

How to Join the Contest?

• Create fashion accessories and/or outfits using only paper.
Patterns can be printed out on the papers used to create the outfit and accessories, but do note that utilizing patterns from PIXMA will earn you double votes!
• Go to Application on PIXMA Facebook page to submit your creation.

Here are some more sophisticated fashion DIY to give you (and us both) some ideas :)

...or maybe you are the type of person who just like to roll around? Why don't you try this bag using PIXMA prints? 

The Prize (worth up to USD$1300)

☆ First Prize 
 Canon PIXMA MG 7570 + Canon Powershot N

☆ Second Prize 
Canon PIXMA MG 6670 + Canon Powershot S200

☆ Third Prize 
Canon PIXMA MG 5670

We're pretty sure you all know how awesomesauce the print quality of Canon printer is, especially along with Canon fine-art papers. The colours are magnificent, the characters are sharp, in shortyou can easily get the quality of a professional photo lab! \ (เน‘✧ศ✧เน‘) 

Take this opportunity to showcase and express your talent and creativity in fashion and stand a chance to win those amazing prizes! Not only that, your work would be featured on the gallery page of this Paper Runway Campaign on Facebook and be seen by their 830,000 followers. :D

 Campaign period begins on the 12th of September and ends on the 13th of October.
 Winners will be selected 50% by votes and 50% by Canon team.
 Please visit PIXMA Facebook page for more details regarding this campaign.



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