September 29, 2015

My Mini/Travel Size Perfume Collection + Perfume Tips | Elle Yamada

I used to think wearing perfume was not important at all. I mean, smelling like my favorite body wash wasand still isfine by me. But, there was this day when I was out with one of my girlfriends, she greeted me with a warm hug, and at that very moment I noticed something: she smelled GREAT! So great that I felt like hugging her a lil bit longer hahahaha sounds creepy, I know!
I have ex-boyfriends who smelled great too, and I absolutely loved it, but it didn't encourage me to wear any perfume. I guess us women get inspired the most by other women?

One thing I learned from that day:
Smell leaves a strong impression, perhaps stronger than any other senses. And smelling great leaves a good, lasting impression.

But still, I'm not big on wearing perfume. I think it's simply because I don't have the reflex?
I only wear it when I'm about to go to formal events or special occasions, like wedding or big dates (first date, Valentine's, etc). That's why it's such a waste for me to buy a normal size perfume.

I much, much prefer MINI PERFUME!
It only contains approx. 7.5ml (easier to finish), it's handy (can put inside your bag, so if you forget to wear it at home, you can wear or add it anytime you want), aaand it's adorable!! x)

So, without further ado, here's my mini perfume collection:

1.  E L I E  S A A B
(Eau de Parfum)
Let's start with my most favorite among all!
This Elie Saab mini perfume is a blend of orange blossom and jasmine (both flowers), the smell is freshly sweet, young, yet still suitable for a formal meeting. Last a long time too. :)
The simple, classy design certainly adds some points!

2.  B A B Y  T O U S
(Eau de Cologne)
The bottle design is hands down, the CUTEST I've ever seen! All the teddies lined up just waiting for you to take off their hats! x)
Just like the name and the design, the smell is kind of similar to a baby's smell... clean, powdery, and light. Suitable for kids, but still wearable by an adult. If you're pregnant and cannot stand strong fragrances, you should try this one!
The smell doesn't last very long though, not surprising as they are 'Eau de Cologne', so don't forget to bring them in your bag for some touch-ups! ;)

3.  D O L C E  &  G A B B A N A
(Eau de Parfum)
As you might have guessed by the look of the bottle, Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana has a feminine, floral scent (mix of white flowers to be exact), but it's more of an elegant and sensual feel than Elie Saab. I usually wear it when I dress up formally.
'Dolce' itself means "In a gentle and sweet manner," so if you are looking for a 'statement' kind of fragrance, this isn't for you. :)
That pretty flower cap and ribbon. 

4.  N A R C I S O  R O D R I G U E Z
(Eau de Toilette)
Last! This simple looking Eau de Toilette.
I think among all of them, this one is the least girly. The smell is clean, classy, and feminine—just like the bottle design (minimalist, yet still in soft pink color). It kind of reminds me of a professional career woman. :)
It lasts longer than Baby Tous, but not long enough either.

Here's the order of highest to lowest concentration between types of fragrance:
1. Perfume, 2. Eau de Parfum, 3. Eau de Toilette, and 4. Eau de Cologne.

The higher the concentration, the longer it lasts.
But on the bright side, usually Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne are cheaper than Eau de Parfum.

Enough about my collection, let's move on to...

How and Where to Apply Perfume

Step 1:
Spray or put a little on your wrist.

Step 2:
Lightly dab your wrists together. (Don't rub!)

Step 3:
Apply it to pulse points. Well, 'around neck' is not a pulse point, but I like to apply it there. ^^

More perfume-related tips:
• Hair is a good spot for holding scent, but don't spray or apply too much as the alcohol in perfume can be damaging to your hair.
• Store your perfume in a cool, dark, and dry environment. Avoid direct sun exposure.

#OOTD: L'zzie Plaid Romper | Dr. Martens Creepers | By Invite Only Necklace

You can get all of them and more at Kim Perfume Mini shop :)

Thank you for reading and see you in my next post!



  1. terima kasih kakak, nice post..thanks...

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  4. supeerrr cute!! love the minis, they are all oh-so convenient!

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  6. Love the bottles' designs, so lovely
    I don't like wearing perfume either, but i loved when i smelled women wearing perfume with nice scent <3

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  9. Great share.. I usually use D O L C E & G A B B A N A miniatures... They are best :)

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