July 17, 2016

Green Tea Kisses with Lip Ice Matcha

Haluuuuu. Wassuppppp.
I know holiday has ended but fret not, we can always make it fun, whether we're going back to school, college or work. Maybe by trying a new hairstyle, bringing something cute to eat at lunch, orrr... you can simply try something new and cute, like trying this Lip Ice Butter Ice Cream Matcha on your lips!
Yes, so does Matcha. 😁
Yummy, yummy Matcha ðŸ˜‹ ðŸĩ

 So, what was my first impression of this product?
1. When I applied it, it gives immediate cool sensation on my lips
2. It has a very nice and soothing Matcha scent
3. Anddd it's GREEN *ya huh*! so I was quite skeptical because I don't think green would look good on my lips, but then againnnnn.........

 Before - After application of Lip Ice Matcha
 As you can see, despite it's green color, it actually -and surprisingly- gives your lips a natural tinted lookNot to mention, it is also enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients, like Shea Butter, Squalene, Olive Oil, Vitamin E and UV protector, which prevents dark lips due to sun exposure.

So, do I love it? YES.
I always love a multifunctional product that works, just like this one. In Lip Ice Butter Ice Cream Matcha, I love the natural tinted look and the moisturizing effect the most. Not to mention it's also super affordable, like, only IDR 30,000 (less than USD 3) per piece! 😙 ðŸĩ  It is now one of my must-bring things in my bag.
*for more information of where to buy it, click here

Anyway, as part of their product launch, Lip Ice is doing this competition on Instagram:
Simply try Lip Ice Butter Ice Cream Matcha, post a picture and share your story with it on your IG, use hashtags #MatchaLips and #ListenToYourLips, and you can win Instax or MAP Vouchers!

Leaving this post with a green tea infused kiss.

Jessica Yamada


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  2. Lucu banget warnanya berubahhhhh! And you look so cute. This lip ice will be on my must-buy list for college!


  3. This is truly amazing item, I love to try it, thanks for sharing, you look gorgeous!!!



  4. hi! i'm from malaysia, and gosh, i'm loving your blog!!!

  5. nice lips can i kiss

  6. Whoaaa....so apparently it is also enriched with olive oil. Cant wait to buy it, just wishing it will be available in the closest store around my home.


  7. ci Jess.... you are soooo cute!!!!
    Envy banget sama kulit mulus dikau ci:*


  8. OMG baru liat! Definitely need to try this! Makasi infonyaa



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  12. sounds yummy!


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