June 10, 2012

If You Love Someone, Let Them Know

Bershka Floral Tank Top | Forever21 Mustard Shorts | GOWIGASA Brown Blazer | Pull&Bear Bag | June+Julia x Elle&Jess Shoes

Watched Marley & Me for the second time yesterday and bawled my eyes out AGAIN -actually worse than the first time since I have Hyde now and they are both Labrador, so it's easier to visualize that Hyde was the one going through all that. Urghhh cannot imagine how devastated I will be when the time comes.

I do have this fear of losing loved ones. When I was a kid, every time my parents came home late, I would always freak out and think of the worst, then praying the whole night until they return safely. I also used to pray to God to take me first before my family members -but not anymore since my friend told me it was a very selfish request, that it would be even harder for parents mourning over their child.

Heaven knows the more we are attached to something, the more painful it will be when we are separated from it. But I guess as long as we let our loved ones know we love them and we care about them, there should be no regrets or a guilty feeling. :)

"As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do."
Zachary Scott

(Gee, didn't know this would turn out to be a melancholy post.)


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  1. You're soooo pretty! Love the preppy but adorable look! X


  2. omg pretty as usual ♥
    i love your blazer and shoes!

  3. Cheer up ci :)

    I used to have 2 dogs, but they got hit by a stupid motorcycle..i miss them so much :'(((

  4. by the way, love your mustard shorts and shoes! will definitely order it from june and julia soon :DD

  5. yeah, i agree with you. Lost someone u love is painful. In my case, it happened once when my grandpa from dad side left us forever and go to heaven. D: i cried for around 4-5 hours. LOL~

    Btw, love your floral top. :D pretty. :))


    1. Sorry to hear that! Glad you've moved on :)
      You can get the floral top at Bershka, they have 3 different colors!

  6. you look so pretty!
    i love this look. esp the blazer! <3


  7. Pretty ci el <3 , adore youuu :)
    Baik dan gak sombongg :P

  8. you look so cute :D

    cheer up. dont be sad cos they will also sad :)

  9. i love your Forever21 Mustard Shorts ci elle..
    very beautiful ...
    yellow is imagination ♥

  10. i love the colour of your nails! :D


  11. hello ellisa,
    i love to read your blog, but the recent posts are having problem of picture not showing up.
    gambarnya malah tanda exclamation (!)


  12. it seems you match with every outfit you wear!
    adorable, stunning and gorgeous :D
    i really love your floral top, nice choice <3

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Pretty as always ci ^^ Love how you wearing the brown blazer paired with all awesome outfit! And I heart your nail color too :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  15. ohh really you're always look so adorableee <3<3

  16. i always love how you pairing a colours.
    they are lovely and refreshing
    i heart youuu



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