June 10, 2012

Hyde the Puppy

Hyde (Japanese pronounciation: Hai-doh) is a Kintamani-Labrador puppy whom our brother got from his friend when he was already 3 months old. Here's a brief story about how we got him in the first place. Christian (our brother's friend) said that his dad wanted to slaughter Hyde and made him a Satay for God's sake. He then became a hero and offered our bro the puppy! Kind of Fate because at that time our brother was looking for one, and we ourselves have never even thought about having a puppy before because we live in an apartment and we thought a dog would be too much to handle, BUT one day Hyde just came into our life. Like a boss. :')

He is blond and he has very soft, cotton-like hair! Mad love it when:
  • He strolls around and his hair touches our feet coincidentally
  • He stops whatever he's doing to make an eye contact with us (and of course going back to whatever he's doing but nevermind lah)
  • He feels tired and he will immediately lay down like a rug
  • He chooses to sleep beside us, curled-up!
  • He licks our face like there is no tomorrow (a big lick to the face is a sign of affection and closeness - googled)!
With Hyde, our days have been filled with "Aww..." "Ohhh..." and so on.
Oh, we just love him so much!

Jess & Elle
© Jessica & Elissa Yamada 2012


  1. puppy~~ :D ganteng ya puppy-nya.. :) untung dy ga banyak gonggong ya? Are you planning to train him? Btw, kalian jadi sering update blog. :) lovely! :D


  2. omg the bunny on the side is so funny!~
    Tinacious Me

  3. Hyde cute bgt......
    collar-nya si Hyde jg bagus, warnanya cocok bgt sama Hyde sendiri :D

  4. OMG, he's so cute, he's so cute!!! :) aku punya anjing golden retriever betina (dia baru saja ultah, ada ceritanya di blog'ku), pasti akan senang berkenalan dengan hyde :D

  5. Hyde? You really admiring Hyde san, are you? :D

  6. Cute puppy! If I own puppy I will named him 'Tetsu' ;p

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