December 12, 2012

Reach for the SKYE!

If you follow my Instagram (@elleyamada), you've probably seen this sequin dress and the blue mocktail on the table. And you may have noticed that the photos were like two weeks old already sorry for the late post!

Anyway, that day I wanted to get some lunch and fresh air to clear my head, and SKYE is the perfect place to find them.

Located on Menara BCA's 56th floor, SKYE's main attraction will obviously be the view over the city's skyline. The place is divided into two sections there is an outdoor bar area and there is the main restaurant section which is again divided into smoking and non-smoking area.


One section of the restaurant with floor-to-ceiling glass on two sides where people can also enjoy the amazing views from indoor spaces.
Striking mosaic graphic on the wall.
The other section of the restaurant.


The appetizer snack, Fried Calamari.
This is my main course, Scattered Sushi Sushi Rice, Hamachi, Tuna,Salmon, Shima Aji, Eel, salmon roe, Egg, Sushi Rice, Black sesame, snow pea, Shitake mushroom, salmon skin.
It is very tasteful and I love everything in it, except the Ginger. And the sauce over the rice makes it more scrumptious! I will definitely come back for more of this ♥
'Forget Me Not' Mocktail. So refreshing and not too sweet, love it!

(+ vain pictures)

Taking in the stunning views over Jakarta city landscape on the outdoor terrace of the lounge.
I put on my Dolly Wink falsies No. 17 and I LOVE them sooo much. The price doesn't lie!
The place is much less crowded in the afternoon. So if you prefer city night view, I suggest you to make a reservation in advance.
Does the color of the sequin of my dress remind you of a mermaid's tail? :)
Last pic of (blurry) me and the views!

Anyway, I also managed to make a short video of this place, enjoy! xxx

Edited by: Rudy Gunawan  

My outfit: H&M sequin dress, H&M pink bow bag, F21+Aldo accessories.

SKYE Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

Menara BCA - 56th Floor
l. M.H. Thamrin No.1, Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 2358 6996

p.s. Props to you if you noticed the title is one of Woody's catchphrases in Toy Story.

X O X O,
Elle Yamada


  1. The interior and exterior spaces are gorgeous! And YUM the food!

  2. seems like you're having fun there! <3 nice spot

  3. good to know that you have fun :) anyway, i love your outfit, it looks gorgeous ;)

  4. Such a awesome place. How about the price range? :3 It'll be nice to know the price range..>.<
    and yes, your dress' sequins remind me of mermaid tail. :3 Love it!

    btw, no more japan outfit? :P


  5. "reach for the SKYe" is sooo woody from toy story :D
    really love your dress elle!!

  6. love your dress!! you look gorgeous!! =`)


  7. I love your sequin dress! the colour indeed reminds me of mermaid's tail!
    you look pretty as usual ;)
    and the place is breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  8. what a really nice place! and the foods look super yumm :9

  9. Amazing place! And wow! Yummy foodies!

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  10. What a stunning view! And the food looks amazing!

  11. the blue mocktail looks so scrumptious and tease! hahaa


  12. hi elle, may i know what contact lense did you wear in this photo? looks very dolly, love it..

    1. You can get it at Gowi Lens (, the lenses' code is WMM-305 (gray color). Order it by text is faster and easier: 087886619819 :)

  13. i love these photos of food--i should try SKYE soon! (:

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  14. wow !! super cool place omg i want to go there !

  15. cool place <3 the afternoon atmosphere is cool too <3
    hmm.. btw, what do you usually use to edit your amazing photos there ? i'm wondering

  16. nice recommendation ^^


  17. Beautiful place! it looks very much relaxing.

    Dreamy Princess

  18. I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.

  19. what camera did u use for capture this non?

  20. thanks for the review.
    keep doing that! it's enlightening.

  21. Thank you for sharing Elle & Jess!
    I plan to visit this place on August, I hope that I can get the best view :)