December 28, 2012

It's the most beautiful time of the year.

Although my family and I don't celebrate Christmas per se, I do like to give gifts to my Christian/Catholic friends and cousins, and of course to get in the spirit of it by simply having dinner or watch some movies. Christmas has always been a magical time for me the Christmas lights, the decorations, the songs... I wish I could experience a beautiful white Christmas someday, with the people I love; it would be awesome! :)

December 24 Christmas Eve

I went to Plaza Indonesia to have some late lunch at The Playground before buying movie tickets (The Man with the Iron Fists, not recommended btw). They have fun decorations that resemble kids' playgrounds and what I love the most about them is their Aglio Olio. I always request for it to be extra spicy and extra mushrooms, and they never disappoint me.

Romwe Green Houndstooth Jacket | Forever21 Floral Top | ZARA White Slim Bag | Romwe Reindeer Necklace | Forever21 Boots | Studded Burgundy Shorts from Japan
The Aglio Olio and Iced Lychee Tea.
I was wearing Princess Mimi Bambi (WMM-305) soft lenses from GOWI LENS

December 25 Christmas

Kristine's Collection Brocade Printed Dress | Do-A-Fashion Navy Coat | DKNY Gold Purse | Romwe Reindeer Necklace | Swaychic red velvet platforms

Had a simple dinner at The Ritz-Carlton (Pacific Place) Hotel with Jess, Yansen, and Jess' boyfriend. The food quality and the service are excellent as expected from them. And it's not too crowded, so that's another plus point for me. Anyway, I used to work there as an intern for 3 months hehe...

Btw New Years Eve is around the corner! Do you already have plans? Well Jess and I are going to have dinner with our big family at Mandarin Hotel, but we still haven't decided yet what are we going to do after that (for the countdown), whether partying with friends or playing fireworks with family or maybe just watching some dvds peacefully. Either way, we will surely express our gratitude to God because 2012 has been an amazing year for us! See you next year! :D

X O X O,
Elle Yamada


  1. what contact lens did u use? ce make a tutuorial video of your makeup please?? c:

  2. omg so pretty

  3. really adore your deer necklace and your houndstoodh green jacket!<3
    oh?i think you're a chirstian or catholic..but still, hope chirstmas bring a new joy to your life :)

  4. i never see your picture in silly pose i'm wondering about that because you're always pretty! i love your style ;)

  5. love your red platform heels! the aglio olio looks yum! will try it soon!

    Missing Bee

  6. i LOVE that houndstooth green coat and that brocade printed dress!
    And merry Christmas to those who celebrate! <3

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  7. Both outfits are stunning! Love the necklace from the first outfit!

  8. pretty and stunning! always adore your outfits :)

  9. So cute! Love the outfits as always :) The houndstooth jacket is major love! xx

  10. Wowwwwwww you're so cutie.. Is the frist that i comment here, so i'm so glad. Love your blog, is really cutie and awesome. Love your looks, and your clothes, and i need your closet now! One thing so lovely on the frist look is the houndstooth jacket, is something that i really find for.. Kisses!

  11. love both outfits ci Elle! you look gorgeous! love your beige boots <3

    Letters To Juliet

  12. you look pretty as alwayss :)) espc loving you deer necklace c: and anw happy new year ci! xo

  13. wow,you look gorgeous as usual. Love the whole outfit anyway!<3
    and have a happy new year, may all your dreams comes true,xx

  14. So cute!! I love your necklace and red velvet platfrom <3 happy new year elle! ;)

  15. Lovely brocade dress! btw, happy new year! :D
    btw, were you a student of hotel management in SGU? :D


  16. hi ci elle... why are you so prettyyyyyyy!! i envy you :).. love your outfit!.. btw if you have time.. check out my blog thanks!

  17. gosh, these were such beautiful looks elle! Happy New Year! (:

    fashionlei styled

  18. Happy new year! You're looking impeccable as usual.


  19. love your outfit !! i want that aglio olio pasta :9

  20. Really love both pictures !! At the first picture i love the deer necklace and the second i really love the coat . Xoxox

  21. Lovely photos :)
    i am following you :)


  22. Great shots! So glad I came across you guys' blog :)

  23. Oh my! You're such a beauty! Love the houdnstooth jacket as well. We'll follow you closely.

  24. both of the outfit are adorable, yet i prefer the one that you wear on christmas eve - such a lovely color & pattern combination!