December 15, 2012

Dizzy Little Dotty

Hi, here we go again with the typical outfit post, hehe..
Don't worry, that does not mean Japan's post is over. I just think it will be more interesting if it is interspersed with some outfit posts in Jakarta. :)

Introducing Dizzy Little Dotty, an Australian based label where you can find artistic t-shirts that is a little different to your usual mainstream tees. Actually the pictures printed on the shirts are the owner's very own artworks, awesome eh?

Her name is Lauren Carney, she is a very talented artist who inhabits the city of Brisbane. If you are a fan of fun, playful, and quirky characters, then you should really check out her art HERE and her shop HERE.

Oh, almost forgot! I am also fascinated by the quality of the fabric (so soft!) and... the neckline. In case you were not aware, the neckline is a very important part of a garment. Look out for the ones that can enhance your body shape and flatter your figure.

Some of the types of neckline. Image courtesy of this site.
My all-time favorite is scoop neck that is not too low, just like the type of neckline from Dizzy Little Dotty here. The reason is because it can elongate my neck! >:D

Yeah, I am wearing this mustard high-waisted skater skirt again. Jess and I are so in love with the line and how it "hugs" our waist like they are meant for each other. We decided we are taking one of each color of this skirt! Hehe.. For those who asked, yes this skirt will be included in GOWIGASA's new arrival on Monday, Dec 17! :D
I got this blazer from Forever21 in Japan and I was sooo happy when I found it. I've been looking for this green shade for a long time and this is just perfect! Also this blazer was their last item and happened to be my size! Lucky!!
Fawn Tee from Dizzy Little Dotty. I love you Lauren Carney!
Red Tartan Bag from GOWIGASA (will also join the family on Monday, Dec 17). Anyway the color combinations here kind of remind me of traffic lights -___-
For shoes, I am wearing these Batik print boots from Laceorie to spice up my whole outfit, and I absolutely love the beautiful prints and how easy they are to walk in them. You can see my first pair from Laceorie HERE.

Btw, today is my baby bro's birthday! Happy birthday you busy monkey! Always stay true to yourself and treasure that loving heart of yours. X
My favorite photo of him holding a baby Samoyed.

That being said, I'll see you guys on my next post! :D

X O X O,


  1. I'm not a huge fan of green but i really love your blazer here<3

  2. lovely outfit as always! love ur bag and shoes <3

  3. you look so sweet *_*

  4. I really love the batik print boots! I never thought that batik print would look great on edgy boots.

  5. pretty outfit!! love your blazer and that is one precious boots!! =`)


  6. perfect mustard color c: happy birthday for your brother btw :)

    michelle (

  7. I love that shoes!

  8. nice boots <3

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  9. Love the outfit dear! And it's nice to know the different necklines too hehe.
    Happy birthday to your brother! Hello to the baby Samoyed dog! Awwww so cute!

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  10. Love your blazer color! I always want a blazer in that shade too..*Q* oh, happy bday to your bro!


  11. Ahh you're so pretty :). I love that mustard skirt :)

  12. I really love that tartan bag of yours! And happy birthday to your brother! :)

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  13. super love your batik shoes ka :)

  14. Love those heels! And thanks for the diagram of different neck lines :) I always just called them all scoops or v necks :P

  15. cant wait for Gowigasa's new arrivals~! i love the blazer xx

    Letters To Juliet

  16. Such a lovely combination of everything! Love the bag and shoes so much xx

  17. for this time i can't wait monday to come !!!!!! can't wait for gowigasa new arrivals

  18. loveee the illustration of ur shirt! so artsy


  19. Your outfit is adorable!

  20. nice outfit you look so pretty <33

  21. Hi,
    did anyone ever said to your brother that he quite look like KevJumba (youtube celebrity)? Just wonder :)