September 22, 2014

My New Korean Haircut and Colour from CHOAYO Salon, Indonesia

YEP! Got myself a new haircut (and colour!) after neglecting it for 8 months! You can see how messy and out-of-style my hair was before:
You probably never noticed it before, because I was so good at covering it with my loose curls (click to learn how to do it!) >:) 

However, due to the excessive curling (and constant colouring), my hair suffered some pretty serious damage as you can see in the 'before' pic above! And that led me to reduce the curling process, but the dilemma was... my straight, unstyled hair looked hideous. That was why I decided to get a new haircut!

Because with a good haircut, you don't need that much styling anymore. :)

What I aim for:
Not a big change, just a healthy looking hair with volume in it.
(When it comes to hairstyle, I'm usually quite conservative hehe..)

Now, allow me to share with you guys my personal experience at this NEW Korean hair boutique located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang:
 My first impression as I stepped in the salon was, "WOW nice decor!" I felt happy instantly with all the bright colours and proper lighting. (︶ω︶)
 The friendly cashier greeted me and asked what I wanted to get. I told her I wanted a haircut and hair colouring.
 After that, she asked me to wait for my turn. I took the time to browse through the magazines for some hairstyle ideas. :D

And finally, after about 10 minutes, it was MY TURN!

The Hair Makeover Process

 Step 1: Hair Washing.
What I love the most about getting my hair washed at the salon is none other than the MASSAGE! Oh the massage... (─‿─)
 Step 2: Consulting with the Hair Stylist about what hairstyle to get.
At this step, it would be easier if you bring a magazine or some photographs to give your hair stylist some ideas about what you want. You can also ask their opinions on which style suits your face shape best.

NoteDon't be afraid to emphasise what you want. I know some hair stylists can be intimidating but you have to remember that it's YOUR hair! YOU are the one who have to live with it. If your hair stylist doesn't make you feel comfortable, just change to another stylist!

Here in Choayo Salon, I find the hair stylist to be very kind, polite, yet insightful which made me feel relaxed from the start :)
 Step 3: Chop Chop!
I don't know about you, but during this step, I always prefer to read a book or magazine, or play with my phone, or sleep, rather than having small talks with the hair stylist (HS) haha.. I'm just so bad at it. Luckily, the HS in Choayo only talked to me if he had some questions about my hair. ^^
 Almost there...
 The HS giving his last touch.
 The cutting process... DONE! Already looked much better than the 'before' pic, I guess? :)

 Step 4: Hair Vitamin
Before the colouring process began, they sprayed this hair vitamin onto my hair to nourish it :)
 Step 7: Cooking the Colours.
At first I wanted to dye my hair using chemical hair dyes, but the HS suggested me to do Hair Manicure instead! He told me my hair condition was already so damaged, therefore he was afraid chemical hair dyes would make it even worse. ((((*。_。)_
Actually it was the first time I heard about hair manicure haha, thank you for the suggestion!!
 If you're also new to hair manicure, you might want to know some things about it:
• It's known to add natural shine to damaged hair
• The treatment is similar to deep conditioning procedures
• You can choose between a coloured hair manicure cream and a clear cream that only meant to add shine but no colour. 
• It will not show any drastic changes in the colour itself (the choice of colours is not that many either).
• Typically, women who do the hair manicure seek the treatment for the healthy shine it gives them, not for the colour.
• Lasts about 2-3 months. After that the colour will fade away to your previous hair colour.
(Credits: x)
Step 8: Applying the cream. 
The process is similar to a traditional hair colouring process, but it doesn't sting your scalp at all! Love it!
 Step 9: Wrap it up!
I think the whole process of hair manicure took around 45 minutes.
 Step 10: Styling
For this step, I just told the HS to do as he liked. :)

Final Look

 TADAAAHHH!! Looks so much more fresh and healthy, don't you think? ^^
I really love how the HS styled my hair as it didn't look overdone.
Anyway, it's been so long since the last time I had dark hair colour! And I've got to say, I LOVE IT!
Here's the front, side and back view!
Just like I wanteda healthy voluminous hair! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

The Place

I think it would be a sin if I didn't talk about the interior design of this salon, because it's just so unique and chic! I love that they play with colours (which creates a happy atmosphere), while keeping it simple and "clean" looking. You can surely feel the Korean vibe here haha..
 Love the oval mirrors on the first floor! 
 The second floor is more spacious. 
 Finally, I can't help but taking outfit photos here!! Isn't it great that after you get your hair done, you can take nice photos right away? ;)
 Glad that my outfit matched the decor hehe..
 Every corner is a photo opportunity! xD
 Checking my hair out for the last time. I just love it so much!

The Price

They have 3 awesome stylists who are ready to work their magic on your hair!
One is from Korea, Mr. Oh Ming Suk,
and the other two are from Indonesia, but they are just as skilled because they have been trained directly by Mr. Oh himself :)

Here's the price list:
• Haircut: IDR 200,000 (Indonesian stylist) | IDR 410,000 (Korean stylist)
• Fringe Trim (Poni): IDR 100,000
• Bun (Sanggul) Styling: IDR 150,000
• Hair Wash and Blow Dry: IDR 50,000 - 80,000
• Curling: IDR 750,000 - 1,550,000
• Coloring: IDR 550,000 - 950,000
• Bonding or Smoothing: IDR 950,000 - 1,350,000
• Hair Manicure: IDR 750,000 - 1,000,000
• Volume Magic: IDR 1,050,000 - 1,550,000

Thank you sooo much, Choayo Salon for reviving my hair and boosting my confidence! And also for your excellent service! I felt very welcomed by the friendly staff. Definitely going to recommend you to all my family and friends :)

Jl. Ruko Jalur Sutera 31-A no. 8,
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
(021) 5396367

p.s. You can get 15% DISCOUNT off your bill simply by following their Instagram account, snap a photo in the salon and upload it to your own Instagram account! Don't forget to tag them too! :)

All right guys, thank you for reading and see you in my next post!

Elissa Yamada

September 21, 2014

DIY Fashion Projects with Paper

What do you love to do in your free time?
Hang out with friends? Sleep? Work out?

As for us, we used to love doing some Do-It-Yourself project when we were kids, and mostly Fashion accessories! I wonder when and why we stopped doing that, because It was really fun, y'know, just locking ourselves in our room prepared with food and drinks, and then start braiding some bracelets or necklaces! :D

Finally, there is a chance for us to rediscover the joy we had in DIY! Canon is organizing a DIY contest for everyone who loves to express their creativity through fashion called Paper Runway!!

Recreate fashion accessories, with paper, patterns and colours printed with a Canon PIXMA printer!

If you love creating fashion stuff, then you should join this contest to have some fun and get a chance to win amazing prizes! :D

How to Join the Contest?

• Create fashion accessories and/or outfits using only paper.
Patterns can be printed out on the papers used to create the outfit and accessories, but do note that utilizing patterns from PIXMA will earn you double votes!
• Go to Application on PIXMA Facebook page to submit your creation.

Here are some more sophisticated fashion DIY to give you (and us both) some ideas :)

...or maybe you are the type of person who just like to roll around? Why don't you try this bag using PIXMA prints? 

The Prize (worth up to USD$1300)

☆ First Prize 
 Canon PIXMA MG 7570 + Canon Powershot N

☆ Second Prize 
Canon PIXMA MG 6670 + Canon Powershot S200

☆ Third Prize 
Canon PIXMA MG 5670

We're pretty sure you all know how awesomesauce the print quality of Canon printer is, especially along with Canon fine-art papers. The colours are magnificent, the characters are sharp, in shortyou can easily get the quality of a professional photo lab! \ (๑✧ȏ✧๑) 

Take this opportunity to showcase and express your talent and creativity in fashion and stand a chance to win those amazing prizes! Not only that, your work would be featured on the gallery page of this Paper Runway Campaign on Facebook and be seen by their 830,000 followers. :D

 Campaign period begins on the 12th of September and ends on the 13th of October.
 Winners will be selected 50% by votes and 50% by Canon team.
 Please visit PIXMA Facebook page for more details regarding this campaign.