April 06, 2011

Have you read today's newspaper?

..cause I'm gonna tear it apart and use it as my wallpaper.

Remember my old photos back in 2009, when I used newspaper as the background?
It was all started because I entered GoGirl! Holiday Project - Celeb Pict Immitation... *I chose Bjork.

...and I got the 1st prize!!
I think I have to thank her quirkiness that made it stood out among the other contestants'!

After the photoshoot session was finished, I felt like it was such a waste to throw the papers right away.
"Why don't I use them again for another photoshoot?"

And so I did...

And again in 2011...

GOWIGASA Zebra Printed Skirt

Isn't it funny that I have the same bangs as my 2009 photoshoot?
I just realized it by the time I'm typing this.

Stradivarius Shirt

Faved! And no, that's not my underwear.


Just pretend you don't see the ruined paper down there.


Hahaha I know they are out of context (no newspaper background),
please excuse my vanity.


  1. ur photos are incredible! love ur blog
    check out mine too? and follow if ud like :)


  2. wow... a beautyfull gril.. and very inspired